Various Living Room Design Ideas

Living room could be designed into many styles and ideas. Living room design ideas should give comfortable and cozy vibes for family and friends gathering.

Here are various design ideas of living room you could apply in your own house.

1. Decide what kind of mood you want to create from living room. Do you want to create a relaxing mood or energizing mood?

Choose the right color as your living room theme. For example blue color could not only create calm, relaxing mood but also give an airy impression for your living room.

2. Show your personality in wallpaper. Choose wallpaper that could show your best personality and also gives warming vibe.

3. Trim-work as living room design ideas. Trim-work not only cover the seam between walls and floor or between walls and ceiling, but also gives different character for your living room.

4. Pick stylish flooring. The living room is a public place and the most used room from your house. So the stylish but comfortable flooring is very important. If you want your furnishing being the main attention, you should choose neutral color of rug. If you want the bold character of flooring, you could choose hardwood flooring combine with the rug.

5. Choose the focal point. Every room needs a focal point as the main attention. The choosing and locating the other furnishing are depends to the focal points. Usually the focal point from living room is the fireplace that symbolizes warming welcome. The bold and stunning piece of art also could be the focal point of living room.

6. Arrange the furniture to conversation circle. The main purpose of living room design ideas is to create the cozy area for conversing or gathering. So, arrange your furniture so people could converse comfortably for example arrange sofa and chair surrounding the fireplace.

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7. Arrange the lighting. The lighting could create moods you wanted for example intimate moods, relaxing moods and so on. Arrange the lighting so the shade from lighting gives the situated moods you wanted. Do not forget to keep the cord away from the walking area.

8. Consider using curtain. The curtain is one simple way to add character to the living room. Heavy draperies could add traditional character to the room, light curtain gives airy character.

9. Consider the media electronic. In most families, the living room is also the place for watching TV. Design the living room which could balance the electronic sets not only with another furnishing but also with the whole style of room.

10. Display the art collection. By displaying your art collections or photo frames you give the touch of your personality into living room design ideas.

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