Living Room Decorating Ideas and Tips

Living room is a public room and the first room your guest will see when they are coming to your house. The perfect decoration of living room will make a good impression.

Living Room Decorating Ideas using Cozy Sofa Furniture

This article will discuss about living room decorating ideas and tips like the work of experts which you could apply to your living room.

Combine the furnishing’s colors. Choose neutral color for the big-size and main furnishing like sofa and bold color for small accessories like curtain. Neutral color could be combined with any colors. It saves you some money for buying big furnishing if you suddenly have impulse to change your home décor. You only have to change the small accessories to match your new décor.

Refer to art’s color. If you confuse what color for your living room decorating ideas, you could refer to your art’s color, the art which you favor the most and proud to display. Choose the wall and furnishing colors the same tones with your art color.

Replace the white with the gray. The traditional style of living room usually uses white color to make larger illusion. However sometimes white color could make the room looks institutional. Why don’t you replace the white with gray? Not only it has the same large effect but also it could erase the institutional looked.

Choose good accessories. Cover your living room with good and well-chosen accessories to change the whole appearance of living room.

Try bold color. Change your living room’s vibe with dramatic and bold color at the walls.

Arrange the furnishing strategically. Living room decorating ideas are supposed to have the warm and inviting vibes. Arrange your sofa and chair so people who sit in living room could converse cozily.

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Living Room Decorating Ideas using Open Floating Shelves

Use open floating shelves instead the foot shelves. Notch down the conventional vibe’s in the room with open floating shelves. Arrange your photo frames or your books collection inside the shelves.

Choose the right curtain. If you have traditional style you could choose the mid-age curtain with its fussy drapes. But if you have modern style and you do not mind with privacy issue, why don’t you be bold by ditching the curtain altogether?

Living Room Decor with Modern Standing Lamp

The lamp as the art. If you do not have the art which could be the focal point, you could use the standing lamp as your new art.

Use everyday objects. Rather than waste some money for buying new accessories or arts, you could use your everyday objects as one of your living room decoration ideas. Arrange the objects based on your taste so they look like artful display.

Modern Gray Living Room Interior Decorating Ideas and Tips

Modern Gray Living Room Decorating Ideas

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