Cheap and Chic Living Room Decor Ideas

When it comes to living room décor ideas, you may find some decoration that could impress you so much. As you know, a living room is where you are going to spend your time, watching TV, relax and doing some activities every day.

Moreover, a living room is also generally used as conversation room since you and your family are sharing your ideas each other. However, many homeowners assume that design and redesign a living room will cost them much. But actually the case is how much cost you spend is based on your budget. So, what if your budget is limited? Are you still able to design your living room? Scroll down to find out few tips to design your living room on a budget!

Shopping in your home

Rather than purchasing stuffs at a store, explore your house and borrow some items from other rooms. Another option is sort what stuffs you don’t need in particular room and then remove it to another one. it will work without spending your money since you don’t need to buy anything.

Room Vignettes

Arranging the décor will help your eye to move around the room in such interesting ways. Therefore, you will need to style the room vignettes in proper ways. If you have chosen some meaningful items like family photos or travel souvenirs, it also means additional nice warm fuzziness.

Adding some plants

Adding some greenery into the living room décor ideas is such the best way to revive a living room space. Divide the plants based on the plants categories and make sure that they are well-organized.


Bringing out the books

Books are just beautiful. For your information, they also can be used to be a living room beautiful yet functional decoration. a stack of books will add colors and can be used as an option if you cannot afford buying accessories.

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Rearranging the furniture

Rearranging your furniture is also important since it can make your room feel larger and bigger. Try to get acquainted with some different furniture placement to be applied within your living room. you can put some windows to create a change, or moving your couch towards the television armoire or fireplace instead.



When talking about paint, it holds an important role in designing your living room interior. It’s also considered as the easiest and cheapest ways to switch-up your living room. it will immediately change the mood and make living room décor ideas look more fresh.

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