Kitchen Interior Design By Sidekix Media [Source : unsplash]

Practical Kitchen Interior Decorating Tips & Ideas

When it comes to making everyday food, the kitchen interior decoration is important as it could affect your mood. It is nice to have the right kitchen equipment on hand, no matter where you are in the kitchen, and your new kitchen should work optimally at all time.

What should you think about in your kitchen decor?

Many people may think first and foremost about what style and what materials and colors to choose when decorating the kitchen. Should they have a cozy country kitchen with a southern European touch, or should it be a stylish and minimalist industrial kitchen that suits their home. Style is of course important, as you must thrive in your kitchen, but it is at least as important to think about how the kitchen is decorated so that it becomes practical and works well on a daily basis.

How do you decorate a good working space in the kitchen?

In a kitchen, there is usually a need for work in the following places:

  • At the sink
  • By the stove
  • At the kitchen table.

The kitchen workspaces interior design

In principle, a kitchen should has at least 2 work spaces; cooking area, dishwashing area and preparation area. The three workplaces can advantageously be placed in a continuous table top or in a parallel arrangement. There should also be space to put between the sink, stove and refrigerator.

Kitchen Interior Design By Sidekix Media [Source : unsplash]
Kitchen Interior Design By Sidekix Media [Source : unsplash]

Arrangement of the workspace by the sink

There is often congestion at the kitchen sink, and a “traffic jam” can occur when you have to wash your hands, rinse a salad and peel potatoes at the same time.

Therefore, there should be plenty of space on both sides of the sink, preferably at least 80-100 cm. If you have room for it, you can also consider placing two sinks either right next to each other or in two different places in the kitchen.

If you have a dishwasher, it should be placed close to the sink and trash can. If the dishwasher is placed right next to or at most 60-90 cm from the sink, it is easy to throw away food scraps and rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. In addition, it is most convenient that it is next to the sink due to the installations. Water must be established for and drained from the dishwasher.

Since you use the sink when peeling fruit and vegetables, there should also be a drawer or a jar with a vegetable knife, potato separator and the like. in the immediate vicinity of the sink. And it is also convenient to have a trash can near or under the sink, so you can easily get rid of vegetable peels and the like. out.

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Under the sink there should be space for washing, detergent, soap and brush. Near the sink you also need to hang a dishcloth, kitchen towel and possibly. a towel to dry. It is also nice to have a cupboard or drawer with clean cloths and kitchen towels nearby.

Arrangement of the workspace by the stove

The stove / hob is another busy workplace in the kitchen. Many years ago the stove was a free-standing unit with a stove underneath, but today stoves and hobs or gas burners are often free-standing units that do not need to be placed close to each other when you need to decorate your kitchen.

The hob / burner can be built into the kitchen table, so there is room for either an oven or drawers underneath. It is often appropriate to get a better working height when you renovate the kitchen, and then the oven and possibly. microwave is built into a high cabinet at a good working height. Make sure that it is possible to store hot items both near the hob / oven.

Pots, pans, pallet knives, pot spoons and the like. should be placed near hobs or burners. In the immediate vicinity there should also be a workplace where you can have the food standing that needs to be prepared. It is also an advantage to have a cupboard or shelf for salt, pepper, spices and oil near the hob / burner.

When decorating your kitchen, keep in mind that a hood is mandatory. It is good to have over the hob / burner or built into the table top or ceiling, so you can quickly remove madoos and steam from the kitchen. It is therefore important to take into account the location and design of the cooker hood when placing the hob / burner in the kitchen. For example, if you want a cooking island, keep in mind that the extractor fan should hang down over the cooking area and may interfere with the desired open connection.

Arrangement of the workspace at the kitchen table

If there are several of you who have to cook in the kitchen at the same time, you need at least a couple of good jobs. And if there is to be room for smaller children to help, it requires extra space at the kitchen table.

Also think about whether you are the type who often bakes, jams or makes large dinners with many dishes on the menu. In that case, it is important to arrange the kitchen so that there is plenty of room to unfold.

In a large kitchen you can arrange different workplaces for specific tasks, such as a workplace for kneaded dough, where wheat flour and buns are at hand, and another for making marinades and dressings, where oils, vinegar and spices stands nearby.

In a small kitchen where there is only room for one work area, you should make sure that the table space is at least 2.5 meters wide and that it is located between the sink and the stove.

Think about the function when choosing a table top and what it should last.

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Kitchen Interior Design By Sergei Sushchik [Source : unsplash]
Kitchen Interior Design By Sergei Sushchik [Source : unsplash]

How should the kitchen workspaces be placed in relation to each other?

In addition to the fact that the individual workplaces must be arranged practically, they must also function well in interaction with each other. When decorating your kitchen, you can think of work triangles. This means that you place the refrigerator, sink and stove so that the corridors between them draw a triangle. This makes the kitchen most convenient to work in.

The kitchen’s most important workplace is between the sink and the stove, and you will experience the most traffic here. It should be the longest unbroken work surface in the kitchen, and the distance should preferably be between 120 and 180 cm.

How should the style be in your kitchen

Today there is a wealth of very different styles for the kitchen. It’s just before there are as many styles as there are kitchen companies. To make it easier to choose, a rough sorting of the different styles has been done, which is described quite briefly. It should be seen as a help in finding the style that is right for you.

Grey Kitchen and Dining Room Interior Design By Sidekix Media [Source : unsplash]
Grey Kitchen and Dining Room Interior Design By Sidekix Media [Source : unsplash]


A country kitchen is difficult to define. In many cases, it is a mixed tangle of impressions such as scents, colors and sensuality combined with having a common focus point. There is a social community in the kitchen – it is where people gather and how many different things are done. The country kitchen is the center of the family.

There is no real recipe for what a country kitchen should look like. But it is a simple and unpretentious atmosphere – a “colonial garden atmosphere”, which invites to a cozy get-together.

The industrial kitchen

The industrial kitchen comes from the restaurant industry’s shiny surfaces, large elements and white goods. Everything is shiny, raw and cold. This type of kitchen design changes the perception of what appliances should look like.

Many white goods change identity to “steel goods” and get fronts and sides of brushed steel, which signals industrial design. The large large functional surfaces provide good opportunities to experiment and “go crazy”. The kitchen is open and easily accessible. Everything is visible and everyone can find out at first glance. The table tops are usually made of heavy, robust materials such as concrete or steel.

Black Kitchen Interior Design By Sven-brandsma [Source : unsplash]
Black Kitchen Interior Design By Sven-brandsma [Source : unsplash]

The minimalist kitchen

The minimalist style has been very widespread in recent years. It is a clean and scraped kitchen style without unnecessary disturbing elements, which should create peace, order and simplicity. The kitchen elements are simple with drawer systems in clean lines. Cabinets are perceived as disturbing elements as the front breaks the lines of the design and brings disharmony.

Therefore, there are no wall cabinets or other “unnecessary” solutions. There are also no visible appliances other than an oven, and the hob can be reduced to a burner, mounted directly on the table top. The sink is also very simple and can be a recess in the table top with a drain in and with the tap placed on the table top itself.

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5 types of kitchen fittings

The kitchen can of course be designed in countless ways, but you can still talk about 5 different types of kitchen decor:

  1. The one-sided kitchen design: Everything is arranged along one wall, and a minimum of 3 meters of wall space must be used, which, however, must not be stretched too far. Suitable for narrow or restricted areas.
  2. L-shaped kitchen design: The kitchen is arranged along 2 adjacent walls at an angle (or along one wall and with one leg out into the room as a room divider). A flexible device, but it can be difficult to use the corner for proper storage
  3. U-shaped kitchen fittings: Make use of 3 walls and provide a good work space. However, there should be at least 2 meters between the U-arms, so that you can work unhindered in the kitchen at the same time – even here it is difficult to use the corners for the right storage space.
  4. The parallel kitchen unit: This unit has a kitchen table / cupboard parallel to each other. This decor is suitable for small or cramped rooms. Minimum free distance between kitchen table / cabinets must be 110 cm and preferably 120 cm.
  5. Kitchen island setup: Some of the kitchen’s most important functions are gathered in a central work module. This decor requires the largest floor space, but is ideal for extensive social kitchen activities.

Thinking in connection between the 3 work functions is a good rule of thumb, but is not in itself enough to ensure a practical and functional kitchen. What use is it that it is easy to get from the hob to the kitchen sink if you have to go all the way down to the opposite end of the kitchen to get pots and pans?

Kitchen Island Interior Design By Sidekix Media [Source : unsplash]
Kitchen Island Interior Design By Sidekix Media [Source : unsplash]
You should therefore also consider work functions when choosing where you want to place pots, kitchen utensils and kitchen utensils so that they are where they are to be used.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that kitchen utensils require table space and easy access to electricity, so if you are still in the process of building or renovating your kitchen, it is obvious to optimize your kitchen with additional electrical outlets.

How much space do you need for storage?

In the kitchen decor, you must also make sure that there is storage space for all your kitchen equipment and dishes. Therefore, start by getting an overview of what you need to fit in the new kitchen cabinets.

If you have many kitchen machines, such as juicers, blenders, coffee machines, kneading machines, ice machines, etc., you will need to calculate extra cupboard space or leave some of them on the kitchen table.

Modern Kitchen and Island Interior Design By Sidekix Media [Source : unsplash]
Modern Kitchen and Island Interior Design By Sidekix Media [Source : unsplash]
Make sure that what you always use in everyday life is what is most easily accessible – for example, the service the family uses on a daily basis when you make and eat breakfast and dinner.

It is always nice to have good storage space, but on the other hand you also have to use all the space that is. So if you have too many things and equipment in the kitchen, it can easily get messy and messy.

You can easily collect many kitchen items, some of which often turn out to be quite superfluous. But how you approach your kitchen decor is, after all, a matter of temperament.

So it is entirely up to you – and the spaciousness of the kitchen – whether you want to clean up the kitchen equipment and keep only the most necessary, or whether you want to decorate the kitchen so that there is room for a lot of crockery, glassware, utensils and equipment.

Regardless, you should prioritize the equipment so that what you use most is easiest to obtain, while the things you use rarely are located on the back or top of the cabinets.


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