Complex Modern Residence with Efficient and Stylish Design

The beauty of unlimited creativity of modern housing can be seen in some examples of complex modern residence in lovely residential area of Bangkok. Since this superb contemporary house design is created for family, the location was selected in order to fulfill that purpose. Furthermore, this superb modern style home design is created by Integrated Field and it is indeed one of the best home in the area. As we all know that modern housing design is always closely related with minimalism and design efficiency, which is what we going to see in this lovely contemporary home design creation.

The complex modern residence that appears in this stunning modern style living space design suggests that it has strong relationship with the surrounding. It can be seen by the plan of windows and panoptic space setting situated in the first floor. Both of those spaces, in which we can clearly see the natural surroundings, are the core of architectural design that applied in this superb home design creation. Not yet to be mentioned that there is a nice and big swimming pool design in the back of the house in which you can use as the spot to enjoy the beautiful Bangkok’s sunset.

Since there are, at least two panoptic spaces in this perfect modern house design, the beauty of the interior design is very important. That is why the designer of this house also gives a lot of attention to its creation. It uses modern minimalist creation with a strong involvement of minimalist furniture.

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The beauty that presented by this house is indeed able to become such a great example for the modern design character that we involve right now. The complex modern residence namely the Baan Moom are indeed one of the best examples of how we can clearly replicate the modern design that become the trends of housing creation right now.

Integrating Transparent Glass Balustrade Combined with Wooden Steps

Area Furnished with a Wooden Rocking Chair Covered by Leafy Trees Growing Well

Enhanced with Dark Wooden Floor White Painted Wall and Transparent Glass Wall

Facade View Seen from Street Side with Leafy Trees and Fon Edging

Illuminate Residence Baan Moom HallwayBuilt in Wooden Unit

Inside Residence Baan Moom to Brighten Home Swimming Pool Area

Moom Interior Displaying Bedroom Loft and Workspace Located under It

Pool Area Displayed in Courtyard Area with Green Turfs and Deck for Lounge

Residence Baan Moom Building Featured with Glass Transparency and Golden Lighting

Residence Baan Moom Deck Area with Leafy Trees and Greenery around It

Residence Baan Moom Loft Area for Reading and Separing Both Floor Levels

Shelving Installed on Black Residence Baan Moom Wall to Store Decorative Items

Staircase Area with Built in Wall Decorative Item Display and Glass Balustrade

Swimming Pool Constructed with Glossy Black Liners and Turfs around It

Terrace with Warm Wooden Floor and Bright Ceiling and Sheer Curtain

Three Floor Home Concept Featured with Inground Swimming Pool

Turfs White Pebbles and Black Mounted Pool Liner in Residence Baan Moom

Wooden Deck Installed to Maximize Residence Baan Moom Exterior Area

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