Cosy Velvet Fabric [Source :]

Cozy and Soft – Choosing The Right Fabric For Living Room Decor

In recent years, the Cozy Living trend has become a strong theme in home decor. A trend that has certainly not diminished with our increased time and spending at home, and which we write about here on our blog.

Cozy Living is the lifestyle trend that emphasizes cosiness and all the things that make us feel comfortable in the home. Our increased time in the home has made us focus more on making the home more comfortable, inviting and soothing. Textiles also play a major role in building a relaxing and charming home decor

Create an atmosphere in the decor that exudes security, coziness and relaxation

Is there anything better than wrapping yourself tightly in the duvet or blanket, and then sitting comfortably on the sofa with some soft pillows in the back? Not good enough! By adding cozy, soft and comfortable fabrics to the decor, you create an inviting room while increasing comfort. The softness and tactile inspire us to insulate and cocoon in the home. Coconuts are an expression of creating an atmosphere in the home that expresses and provides security, relaxation and well-being. The soft and comfortable textiles can be integrated into the decor both through furniture and interior – it is especially textiles such as bouclé, teddy bear, velvet and velor that are currently in trend.

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Bouclé is French, meaning curled or looped on yarn. Bouclé is a class of fabric woven from yarn that is twisted in such a way that the surface becomes uneven and knotted.

Bouclé Fabric [Source :]
Bouclé Fabric [Source :]

The elegant, soft and cozy bouclé

The bouclé fabric is both an elegant, soft and cozy element when it is integrated into home decor. A fabric that is great for pillows, pouffes and even larger furniture such as chairs and sofas. Bouclé is also a textile that invites touch and gives a visual interest in the home. Some suppliers such as Sits, Innovation Living, Prostoria and Bold Monkey have embraced the fabric and the trend, and added the bouclé fabric to the range.

Innovation Living Boucle Sofa Bed [Source :]
Innovation Living Boucle Sofa Bed [Source :]

Sofa beds also with bouclé

The Bouclé quality makes the sofa beds aesthetically pleasing and would be a nice addition to any living room, bedroom, guest room or cottage.

Bold design with bouclé

With its Mother Of All Shells armchair and My Lover And Best Friend pouf, Bold Monkey has combined a bold design with the soft and cushioned bouclé fabric. A combination that will capture attention and surely will invite touch in the decor.


A soft, airy and teddy bear quality made of either 100% sheepskin or imitation leather. A textile has been adopted by several Danish design companies. The teddy material gives any piece of furniture a warm and comfortable look, and makes it radiate cosiness and relaxation. A textile that is specially upholstered on armchairs and footstools.

Teddy Fabric [Source :]
Teddy Fabric [Source :]

Armchair with teddy bear textile

From NordKomfort we offer the Great Dane armchair, which is a soft teddy bear and comfortable armchair upholstered in Wellington sheepskin. An armchair with a nice organic shape and with an open and embracing design, which invites to pure relaxation and coziness. Great Dane is available in six different color shades – depending on what fits into your decor. For extra good comfort, the footstool in the same design can be purchased.

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Teddy Armchair [Source :]
Teddy Armchair [Source :]

Upholstered in warm sheepskin

From Conform we offer Gazell armchair, which is a more classic armchair designed by Jan Ekström from Sweden. An armchair with a unique seating comfort, which is out of the ordinary. The frame has a flexible function that makes you sit wonderfully. The back and seat of the armchair are upholstered in warm sheepskin – and it is possible to choose between seven different colors.


Velvet is a woven fabric made of silk or cotton fabric, which can appear smooth or grooved. Smooth velvet is what we associate with velor today, and the grooved version is what we know as velvet, railway velvet or Corduroy. In the production of grooved velvet, the weft yarn is cut into grooves, thereby forming webs. Furniture velvet, however, is woven as a square plush, where part of the warp yarns is woven over metal slats, which may have knives in the tip that cut up the weft. The technique for weaving velvet is more than 800 years old – and was primarily used for festive occasions and for furniture upholstery.

Cosy Velvet Fabric [Source :]
Cosy Velvet Fabric [Source :]

Velvet has returned to the interior design

Velvet has returned to the interior design after a growing need for comfort and tactility. However, the velvet fabric has returned in several different versions – especially narrow and wide ribbed velvet. Velvet is indicated in “wales”. A low number means wide grooves and a high number narrow and fine grooves. The beautiful ribbed textile is seen on both larger furniture such as sofas and chairs, but also smaller furniture such as pouffes. smaller home accessories like pillows.

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The picture above shows our popular Sigge sofa and Liam sofa in the quality ‘Moss’ from Sits, which is a velvet quality. The velvet quality gives the sofas a welcoming, warm and comfortable look that will look good in any decor.


The well-known soft and shiny textile – which many will probably associate with a birthday tablecloth. Velour comes from the velvet family, a so-called smooth velvet. Velour is woven as a double plush in two opposite webs, which are connected by warp yarn, which after cutting forms the pile – the soft surface. Velour was originally made of silk, but today it is made of several different materials; cotton, wool, artificial silk or in some cases synthetic fibre.

The sumptuous velour fabric

The velour fabric has returned, and gained a foothold in the interior design again in the form of furniture and interior. Sofas and armchairs are especially upholstered in the tactile and luxurious textiles in sumptuous and saturated shades. Pouffes and stools also appear in velour upholstery and add a touch of retro to living rooms, bedrooms and entrances. Pillows, rugs, carpets and lamps are also seen in home decor today in their shiny soft velour.

Cosy Sofa Made From Velour Fabric [Source :]
Cosy Sofa Made From Velour Fabric [Source :]

Velour fabric is offered

You will find a large selection of both furniture and interior upholstered in soft velour. Virtually most suppliers offer a sofa or two in velour fabric. Velour sofas will give the most beautiful feeling of exclusivity and add a modern and decadent look to any room.

Advantages of decorating with cozy and soft fabrics:

• Have the opportunity to make your home more comfortable, inviting and soothing
• Have the opportunity to create an inviting space while increasing comfort
• Have the opportunity to create a space that provides security, coziness and where you feel comfortable


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