Marble Lift Top Coffee Table

Lift Top Coffee Table – Small Space Big Styles

Lift top coffee table could be a great accessory that you might want to place on your living room, especially if you have much care for space saving ideas.

Lift top coffee table usually have hidden storage space underneath the top of its surface.

Unlike a regular coffee table, this type of coffee table could also be used for working on your laptop / notebook when the top of the table is being lifted to a higher height level.

You can find different types of lift top coffee tables in our online store. Below are some of the lift top coffee table products currently up for sale :

As an alternative you could also find them in your favorite home and renovation stores such as IKEA or Home Depot.

Lift top coffee tables usually come in many different type of finishes as well as materials.

It all depends on your own personal choice and preferences. You could either choose the standard wood type finish or even a more over the top and more luxurious marble top coffee table shown below:

The price for lift top coffee tables ranges from as low as under $100 to as high as $850 and some even more than that. This price difference is due to many different factors such as the design, the dimension, the materials used, and the finishing quality of the product.

Another factor for the price difference would be the brand / company name tag on it. Obviously a more well known high end furniture brands would price their products at a higher price point than the generic branded or even non-branded products.

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Expandable Round Dining Table

Lift top coffee tables is such a great choice especially for people who has smaller homes or apartments.

Hence it could also be combined with having an expandable round dining table, which is great if you have a small family but still want to have an option to cater for / entertain your guests if you need to.

As some wise people say, small space big style. 😉

Below are some expandable round dining tables currently up for sale that might interest you :

60 Inch Round Table

However, if you want a less expensive and more affordable option, you could always choose to purchase the standard 60 inch round table which usually has the option to be folded and tucked away when you don’t need to use it.

That way you could have a bigger free space by not having too many stuff standing on the way.

Below are some of the foldable 60 inch round tables currently up for sale :

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