Platform bed frame queen

Platform Bed Frame Queen Unique Quality and Benefits

Platform bed frame queen can be an option if you are thinking about improving your sleep while focusing on your bedroom interior aspect. With the advance of technology, the platform beds have become a popular option for homeowners, especially those with small living space. The platform bed itself is basically the bed with raised construction on laid slats (that are constructed closely) without any spring. It provides a low slung and yet modern design.

Platform bed frame queen

There are some options why people prefer the platform bed instead of the traditional one:

  • This kind of bed is versatile and flexible. It comes with flexible mattress sizes that fit the dimension and size of the room.
  • This kind of bed is ideal if you want to have beds with storage compartments – you won’t be able to do it on the traditional and regular bed. As long as you have enough space for the drawers, having the built in drawers on this bed is possible.
  • This kind of bed isn’t only great for small rooms but also bedrooms with low ceiling, thanks to the design of the bed itself.
  • The bed comes with different sizes that are able to accommodate different size of mattress too. Let’s say that you choose the platform bed frame queen, it means you choose the mattress with 80 x 60 inches. Don’t forget that the bed should have extra edges so it looks good and somewhat asymmetrical.
  • Although the bed is pretty sturdy and durable, it depends on the materials and finish. Solid wood is considered the best material while the MDF type is less expensive – but they aren’t long lasting like the solid one.
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In the end, be sure to choose wisely. If you make the right purchase, it is possible that you only need to buy once and make sure that you do the proper maintenance for platform bed frame queen. You won’t have to buy another anymore.


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