counter height bar stools

Counter Height Bar Stools: How to Choose the Right One

You probably have had a mini bar at home. So, what should you do about the counter height bar stools? The stools may seem like the least important factor for your home décor but if you make the wrong choice in choosing the wrong items, it will affect the look and style of your house. It makes the atmosphere somewhat out of place and odd – and you don’t want that happening to you, do you?

counter height bar stools

Don’t worry. It is a good thing that there are some basic guidance and tips to help you make the right decision in choosing the ideal counter height bar stools. What are the things you need to address?

  • Measure the height. You don’t want to choose an overly tall stool for a rather low bar. Or you don’t want to choose an overly low stool for the high bar. That’s why you should measure the height of the bar as well as the ideal height of the stool so it will be harmonious and balance.
  • Determine the numbers needed. If it is for your mini bar, having two stools will be enough – not one because it will be too odd. Having three is also enough. But when you have a bar or pub, you want to make sure that you provide enough stools without creating too much or too little space in between.
  • Decide the style. What kind of stool do you want? Should it be made of wood or metal? What about the padding? Should it be on the bottom area with additional pad on the back?
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When it comes to the measurement, the counter height bar stools have the general sizes of 23 inches to 28 inches from the floor, which will be ideal when paired with the counter height bar table of around 35 inches to 37 inches. But if you are looking for a taller stool for the taller table, the 29 inches to 32 inches of stool will be perfect for a table with 41 inches to 43 inches of height.

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