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Most Common Interior Design Living Room Mistakes to Avoid

Few small decorations can make a difference within your interior design living room. Wrong design will lead you to chaotic and cramped space. Otherwise, try to arrange some essential elements to create a sense of balance and order.

Interior Design Living Room ideas

Interior Design Living Room ideas

Avoid over-furnishing your living room

It won’t take so much time to turn your well-planned living room into the messy one. Therefore, you will need to arrange your furniture due to the space measurement. Make sure that the furniture fill the space as well as making the space which is both functional and appealing. Just keep in mind that there should be enough space within in order to create flow and movement. A living room should not feel and look cramped. To solve this issue, you can remove some furniture to create more space. It is not a matter of too much furniture, but furniture placement does. Over-furnishing your living room will only make the room smaller.

Never try squeezing into something that doesn’t fit

Just like a pair of shoes, furniture should also fit. Furniture which is too small will make your living room looks unbalance. Conversely, too large furniture will also make your small interior design living room feel cramped and unbalanced. Before moving your furniture, make sure to measure both room and furniture for the depth, width and also height.

Interior Design Living Room ideas

Interior Design Living Room ideas

Avoid being clutter-bug

When designing your living room, you don’t need to be a clutter bug instead. Just keep in mind that in term of furniture less is always more. A sense of movement, calm, balance and flow are such important to any decorated space. If there’s too much clutter within the room, there will be so much distraction somehow. However, clutter can be easily discarded by removing several things.

Interior Design Living Room ideas

Interior Design Living Room ideas

Poor lighting

When it comes to living room interior design, lighting is the key. Lighting is considered as the most important design elements. The space should have as much lighting as possible. Avoid blocking the light sources with poorly placed accessories and curtains. Enhance the natural light by placing mirror across the lighting source. you may also need to hang overhead lighting afterward. You should also have more than one lighting source to illuminate your room. Add some well-placed and proportionally sized sconces and lamps in order to enhance the lighting if necessary. Your living room lighting should be bright, but the dimmers should be installed to all overhead lighting and ceiling within your interior design living room.

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