Small Living Room Design Ideas

Small Living Room Design Ideas

Small living room design ideas will be the hot discussion for today. There are a lot of people with small living room who try to get any ideas in order to give additional touch to those small spaces. As we know, living room is one of focal points of a home. That’s why people will try their best to present comfy and nice look there although those rooms don’t have enough spaces.

Talking about living room with small space, actually this article is going to discuss about best decorating tips for those kinds of living room. So, by reading this article, you will get best references to give different look of your small living room. Let’s check reading below!

Here you will see some great ideas for your small living room design.

Narrow Escape Idea

How to enlarge your living room? As we know some people with small living room will try to give the wider look. You can use some ideas to give its look. Well for this project, you will play some colors in your room. You have to use strong color with clean lines. Besides that, you have to also emphasize the ceiling look. For having wider ceiling you can paint this part with lighter color.

Small Living Room Design Ideas

Besides that, you can give additional touch for the color aspect of your living room. For example, you can have colorful cushions and sofas.


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Meanwhile for facing limited space and furniture, you can place television on the mounted shelf. Last, you can give frameless mirror in order to reflect more spacious look there.

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Giving Beautiful Tiles

The next idea for your small living room is by adding some accessories on the floor surface. In other hand, there will be beautiful tiles you will get. Well, on this part, you will need unique rugs to be spread on the floor. There will be wider rugs that will decorate your small living room.

For applying this rug, of course you have to measure the room size firstly. After that, you can take matched color between the rug and your cushions or sofa. For example, you can choose black and white concept. Or, you can take rainbow concept to be applied there.

Don’t forget to also fit your window accessories with this room concept. As a result, your room will look inviting for somebody who comes there.

Finally, those are all some ideas for your small living room design.

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