Sliding Mirror Doors for Modern House Interior

The application of sliding mirror doors is suitable in a limited space house. You don’t have to buy additional mirror for the room because it has already exist. It also could make the tight room looks wider because of the wide mirror effect. We have several ideas here that could help you if you are having a renovating plan now.

Using this mirror could be applied in the bedroom. Valerie McCaskill Dickman designed a modern bedroom for teenage boy with the sliding mirror doors as the closet door. This limited room with wooden floor is painted in white with this additional mirrored sliding door to make this room looks big. Alexander Butler Design Services also applied the same theme of a room, and the difference is there is a red accent as the mirror frame to make a little color touch. White bedroom with mirrored sliding door is also applied by House Home Palm Springs. With glass ventilation above the mirror, it could reflect the blue sky and fresh green leaves from the outside which bring the nature come inside the room.

You can apply this sliding door in the other place of the house that you think you could make it as a chance for wider look. Dana Nichols via Houzz, applied this mirrored closet doors in a side of a hallway. Although this hallway has an access to the outside, the placement of this mirror that overlooking the wall with artistic paint, make the hallway has interesting space in every side.

The placement of this door also could be applied as the kitchen door. Hide your kitchen behind this mirror make your house look tidy and also combination of glorious look like how Enigma Interiors has done. Bathroom is also a right room to place this door. Limited room will helpful with the sliding mirror doors to save places for closet door when it opened and make the room looks larger.

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