Cozy Sofa Set for Modern Cool Tiny House Furniture

Make a tiny house with cozy sofa set is the only choice if you are living alone or with a partner in a limited space. Building this kind of house, it doesn’t mean you have to lose the important space that a house need. But the solution is you have to make those rooms in effective decoration and designs. This reflects on a house that designed by a web designer, Alek Lisefski, that located in Sebastopol, California.

This house located in an area that surrounding of vegetation. The material of this mobile structural with tiny house design, mostly use wood and a little metal wall. This house has one and a half level floors which is the upper floor used as a bedroom. The first room that you find when you entrance is a medium room with several function. There is a table at the corner for working, a bigger table for dining with several shelves below that patched on the wall, a blue tender and the cozy sofa set, and a ladder that connected to the upper floor.

This multifunctional room has a glass entrance door and several glass windows with wooden frame. Those have a purpose to maximize the sun light for saving the energy of lighting uses. With still mostly wooden material, this room has shelves above the windows to placed books and any other appliances. This room connected to the small kitchen with a lot of cooking appliances that tidily arranged. A small bathroom is also designed tidily with a small shower space.

On the upper floor, there is a bedroom with medium size bed in white nuance. A furry carpet placed on the entrance way. To optimize the space, there is a patched shelf at the corner to placed photo frames. Between bed and below the window, there is a small long table that could be used to place few books and tissue box. This room with tiny house interior design and the cozy sofa set use other corner as the clothes shelves and shirt hangings besides having a closet inside.

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