Patterned Light Wallpaper for Marvelous Italian Cafe Decor

The growths of Italian restaurants which have also the Italian décor with patterned light wallpaper are increased in many countries. They are accentuating a comfortable place to spend the time with your friends, partner, or even alone with rich taste of Italian food. The traditional decoration that cozy and scrumptious makes you feel like home and it is content you longer. We will share you, and give you the inspiration of an Italian style design that applied in a cafe in a city of Australia.

This cafe located in Melbourne, the iconic city in Australia. As Italian restaurant with the patterned light wallpaper as the decoration, Rozzi’s Italian Canteen will bring you to the Italian nuance which makes you feel like you are in Italy, not Australia. The authentic style applied in the entire of the cafe. This one level floor restaurant has both indoor space and also outdoor space that both of them has the same comfy for having your dinner or enjoy the chat time with others.

Inside the restaurant, which is dominantly of black and yellow tone, reflect a contemporary of Italian style. Two kinds of wall, bricks arrangement in white as the background of wine bottles shelves, and brown patterned wallpaper on the other side as the background of the accessories shelves. The floor uses bright yellow patterned tiles which is harmonious with the contemporary lamps that hang under deep brown wooden ceiling.

On the outside, at the entrance, in front of cookies and cakes glass shelves, there are several sets of black chairs with bright wooden frame combined with simple black table in the middle of every four chairs. These canteen kind of table set also exist in the inside restaurant. The brand of Rozzi’s Italian Canteen marked on the outside wall. The used of the patterned light wallpaper and simple yellow seats with black tables that arranged in a row are also recommended for Italian decor for restaurants that placed outside the building.

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Black Chairs Black Table and Grey Floor Made from Stone Veneer

Black Chairs Black Table and Yellow Mat with Beautiful Pattern

Black Chairs Brown Table and Black Cabinets Made from Wooden Material

Canteen with Black Chairs Black table and Several Colorful Hanged Pendant Lamps

Canteen with Soft Brown Wooden Table and White Ceiling Made from Marble

Canteen with White Wall which is Made from Stone Veneer with Black and Yellow Lines

White Colored Wall which is Made from Stone Veneer with Black and Yellow Lines

White Stone Wall and Several Yellow Colored Chairs

Wooden Chair Black Wooden Table and Beautiful Colorful Pendant Lamps Hanged in the Ceiling

Yellow Chairs White Table and White Wall Made from Stone Veneer

Yellow Chairs White Wooden Table and Grey Colored Floor Made from Stone Veneer

Yellow Floor Mat and Black Cabinets Made from Wooden Material

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