Industrial Dining Table Set of 6 [Source:]

Design Ideas of Modern Dining Chairs of 6

Modern dining chairs set of 6 is suitable if you have a big family or love to invite your friends over for dinner. And instead of a minimalist, small dining room, modern dining table and chairs of 6 are more ideal for a spacious dining room. Below are design ideas of dining chairs of 6 for your inspirations.

The Combination of Woods and Metals

Metals are one of the most used materials to create a modern look. But it does not mean you have to choose full metal dining chairs. You can also opt for modern dining chairs that combine woods and metals. If you combine such a dining chair with a wooden dining table and wooden flooring, this will create a homey feeling in your dining room. Your family and friends will feel like they are welcomed if you apply this idea. This idea creates a cozy, comfortable dining area to get relaxed and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

Industrial Dining Table Set of 6 [Source:]
Industrial Dining Table Set of 6 [Source:]

Wire Metal Dining Chairs

Add a touch of Scandinavian feels with white dining chairs made from wires and metals. Such a dining room can be your inspiration if your dining room is not spacious because wire metal dining chairs are flexible for interior arrangement. Combine the dining chairs with a glass top dining table in order to maintain the modern look. For decorations, simply place a glass flower vase on the dining table and white cushions on the dining chairs to make it even more comfortable.

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The Combination of Woven Leather and Metals

Do you want something different for your dining room? Then, have dining chairs that combine woven leather and metals. The use of these 2 materials will make your dining room feel comfortable. Combine the dining chairs with a big wooden dining table so that you can accommodate many people. The color of the woven leather matches the natural color of the wooden dining table, making your dining rooms seem to return to nature.

Coral Steel Dining Chairs

Have dining chairs made of metals with a design that resembles corals or coral reefs to create a beachy, natural look in your dining room. The metal material will maintain the modern design. Add a hanging lamp to create a touch of the contemporary style. Complete the look with white walls and marble floorings to accentuate the modern design.

Those are some design ideas of modern dining chairs set of 6 that you can try.

Rand Tables in Stainless Steel [Source:]
Rand Tables in Stainless Steel [Source:]