Family Homes Plans in Amazing Old Office Building

Building a house with family homes plans have to be adapted from the family needs. There is an office building in the middle city of Boston, Massachusetts. It is a unique place for family to live. It was used as an office before it destroyed by fire in 1985. This building has five level floors that have several windows around. This building located at a side of the street makes the ground floor is such a commercial place to open a business there.

CUBE Design + Research have renovated this building that spent $4 million. They have to make effective family homes plans for adjusting the building in purpose as a family residence. The interior designed in classy but simple style. Every floor is set with a multifunctional room which is the placement of living room, dining area, and kitchen is located in a wide room without any separation.

In one of the floors, the wide multifunctional space has white painted wall in the entire living room. The combination of bricks arrangement on the wall with wooden floor reminds its classical building. The earthy sofas with furry rugs and wooden table overlooking a fireplace that designed in modern style with an artistic painting above. There is also a white dining table that combines with red chairs behind the living room. The kitchen in the same wide room mostly uses wooden and metal furniture.

There is a hallway to connect the multifunctional room with a bathroom behind. The bathroom set in simple decoration with a bath tub at the corner. White dominantly on floor and the wall in thin square tiles arrangement which is combined with wooden cabinets. It is actually harmonious with the exterior which is still applied the old square stone arrangement. The designers that did this project have successfully combines the family homes plans with its vintage look.

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