Outdoor Landscaping Design Ideas for Awesome Contemporary Home

There are many types of contemporary home creation with outdoor landscaping design ideas that will make people amaze with its beauty and one of them is The Sibley Wood. This stunning modern style living space design is created by Chesmore | Buck Architecture. There are so many things that we can find in this home design, which can become such a great example for other home design creation and one of those things is the outdoor landscaping design. This is a modern style landscaping that can be applied in any home design

The contemporary home floor plan that applied in this home design with the outdoor landscaping design ideas is, actually very simple. It uses standard modern floor plan, but somehow it looks lovely with the modern architectural design that involving, at least, three different materials. They are glass, brick and concrete block. The materials, then, form a nice accent in the space where it applies. Although there are all contradictory to each other, it is, somehow able to create something unique when it sees in a whole.

The exterior design is not only the one that makes this house so special. It has, also, a lovely modern style interior design creation that involving modern elegant furniture design. The one that makes the inside part of this amazing modern style home design so special is the color selection; it comes in orange color formation. Orange color, as we all know, is not a common color for interior design creation, but this house is, somehow, able to make it looks so beautiful.

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The great thing about this gorgeous home design creation is that it can create something special from very common material that we all know. It is, indeed, the one that we can learn from this home design creation. Contemporary home design with the outdoor landscaping design ideas by Chesmore | Buck Architecture is, in short, something that can become such a great inspiration for anybody.

Bit of Classic in the Bedroom with Wooden Bed and Hardwood Floor

Dining Space with Brown Chairs and Unique Lamps near Wide Glass Windows

Entrance Space with Glass Door and Glass Walls facing Grey Stone Yard

Living Room with Long Brown Sofas and the Black Fireplace

Long Wooden Island and Wooden Drawers near the Wooden Cabinets

Outside it using Iron Pergola and Cozy Outdoor Furniture under it

Space with Wide Dark Table and some Brown Chairs under Unique Lamps

Wall and Wooden Vanity under the White Sinks and Wide Mirror

Wood Wide Glass Walls and Brown Wall facing Grass Yard

Wooden Cabinets near the Black Fireplace in the Comfortable Living Room

Wooden Island and Brown Stools under the Brown Lamps near Wooden Drawers

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