Minimalist Home Décor for Gorgeous Home Design

The great thing about minimalist home décor is how it able to show such a lovely appearance through simplicity. There are several stunning minimalist living space designs that can become the example of that greatness and one of those houses is this Merrick House. This superb modern home design is located in Merrick North, Australia and it is created by Robson Rak Architects. It is located in a very beautiful location in which will be perfect for family living area. The selection of the area is, indeed, one of the things that make this home design so special.

The minimalist home decor is applied in the exterior and interior side of the house. In the exterior area, there is a strong sign of simplicity in the architectural design creation, which is, also, contributed by the selection of material. In the matter of material selection, this house is dominated by concrete and steel material. There are also excessive glass usages that can be found in the window design. The excessive window design uses in order to give the people inside the house wide visual access to the surroundings.

The simplicity, then, also can be found in the interior area. There is a strong accent of minimalism in almost every part of the area. Take for example the living room design. This is a highly minimalist living room design that supported by minimalist furniture design. The other space that able to show you the main style of this house is the minimalist kitchen that located alongside the living room design. It also equipped with minimalist design with very simple setting.

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The minimalism that applies in this gorgeous home design creation is something that can become such a great example for any other creation. The minimalist home décor by Robson Rak Architects is indeed something that will make people amaze with its beauty.

And Wood in the Living Room with Black Fireplace and Long Grey Sofa

Artistic Door Handle in the Wooden Door near the Living Room

Bed and Flowery Quilt facing the Wide Glass Walls and Outside View

Black Tile Wall under the Long Mirror and the Glass Lamp

Entrance Space with Glass Door and Glass Walls under the Wide Iron Pergola

Gret Desk and Green Chairs near the Grey Cabinets under Long Grey Shelves

Grey Island and Rattan Stools under the Wide Skylight

Grey Sofa and Rounded White Tables on the Colorful Carpet in Living Room

House Daylight View with Simple Open Dining Space and Concrete Floor

Long Black Table and Long Black Benches under the Wide Pergola

Long Table and Long Benches near the Wide Green Grass Yard

Long Wooden Ceiling and Long Benches on it

Outside and Wide Glass Walls near the Unique Rattan Chairs

Room inside with Long Sofas and Grey Carpet facing the TV

Terrace with Concrete Floor and Black Table near the Long Benches

White Ceiling and Long Grey Sofa on Colorful Carpet

Wooden Pergola and Small Patio near the Grass Yard

Wooden Pergola and Wide Concrete Terrace near the Pool

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