Industrial Style Interiors for the Hardiman Street Extension

One of the most famous styles for home decoration is the industrial style interiors. There is a great thing about this lovely home decoration style that will not able to fulfill by other style. There are some superb industrial decoration creations that created around the world and one of them is The Hardiman Street extension. This superb interior decoration is arranged by ODR architects and it is located in a very beautiful home in Melbourne, Australia. There are so many great things that we can learn from this outstanding industrial decoration idea, but the most important thing is how we appreciate its beauty.

The industrial style interiors that use in this space are something special. The design is very simple, but yet, it is able to show how beautiful the style is when it is well applied in a home decoration. There are several part of this extension space that can become the example of how beautiful industrial style can be and one of those examples is this artistic living room design. This is not an interior design that created, only, for function; it is crated for aesthetical satisfaction.

The other spaces that able to show the beauty of perfect industrial decoration that applied in this space is the modern style kitchen design. This is not a standard modern kitchen that only provides us with design simplicity to see. It provides us with an amazing cabinetry design that created by using rustic wood material. The rustic cabinetry design comes in black, which make this space looks elegant.

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From the parts that we discussed above, we can clearly see the beauty of industrial style design and how it can become such a great alternative design for our home interior decoration, can we? The industrial style interiors are, indeed, something that can make our house a lot more playful and, of course, exclusive.

Bedroom with Wide Mirrors and Hardwood Floor inside the House

Black Fireplace and White Wall near the Black Kitchen

Black Fireplace and Wide Wooden Bed on Hardwood Floor

Black Kitchen and Small Dining Space near the Living Room

Black Kitchen Counter and Small Dining Space on Hardwood Floor

Brown Sofa and Unique Brown Ornaments

Glass Shower Space and White Sink near Wide Mirror

Hardwood Floor and White Ceiling near the Wooden Door

House Living Room with Brown Sofa and Low Table on Animal Skin Rug

House Living Room with Hardwood Floor near the Wooden Deck

House Sitting Space with Black Fireplace and the Animal Skin Rug

House Space with Black Fireplace and Wide Mirror under White Ceiling

House TV Room with Animal Skin Rug and Hardwood Floor under it

Rounded Table and some Low Stools around it

Wall inside the House Sitting Space with the Hardwood Floor

Wide Mirrors inside the House Bedroom with the Wooden Bed

Wooden Bed and Dark Quilt near the White Cushions

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