Modern Living Room Idea

What to Consider When It Comes to Modern Living Room Ideas

Modern living room ideas are all about neutrality and minimalism. Simple color schemes and clean lines are the common order of modernliving rooms. The room’s base colors should be in neutral, however, you can also work with some bold colors, accessories or even color accents. Pieces in angular are standard for modern style, however, you can also find some circular pieces somehow.

Using neutral colors

Since modern style is simply minimalist, so is the color scheme. The base of the color scheme should consist of neutral colors such a black, beige and white. It allows the furnishing and accessories to draw attention more efficiently.

Modern Living Room Idea - Neutral Colors
Modern Living Room Idea – Neutral Colors

While the color base of the color scheme should consist of neutral colors, bold patterns and bright color accents could also act as pieces conversation within modern living room layout. you can also consider using other colors like lime green, tangerine orange or even fire engine red.

Keep things looking sleek and smooth

When it comes to modern living room ideas, you should keep in mind that glossy appearance should be applied through both furniture and the flooring. Linoleum, granite and concrete are simply suitable material for flooring, while black lacquered, steel and chrome are some common accents for the furniture.

Modern Living Room Idea
Modern Living Room Idea

Take into account that you should also focus on angular and geometric shapes. Rectangles and squares are shapes commonly found in modern living room layout. the shape consist of angular edges and straight lines. Perfect circles are also general, however rectangles with undefined shapes or rounded edges are not frequently found.

Keep everything light

In general, modern living room has lots of light flowing within. Consider installing large windows to allow sunlight to stream in the living space. Nevertheless, some artificial light sources are also essential. Consider choosing lights which are able to give a bright glow into the room. Statement sculpture and modern paintings sometimes can be the focal point along with some neutral colors.

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Modern Living Room Idea - natural light
Modern Living Room Idea – natural light

Those pieces are commonly used to provide conversation visual interest. Hang the paintings on the wall to draw some attention from your guests. Moreover, you can also place a statue on the end of your coffee table. the statue could be in geometric design or animals. In addition, the painting could be colourful but the statue should be made from just one material, monochromatic and also simple. Since modern living room is sparsely decorated, it doesn’t mean that it has to b empty. Try to fill the empty space with vases and candles to give a good visual interest as well as making modern living room ideas look alive.

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