Stainless Steel Kitchen Set with Colors Combination

A stainless steel kitchen set makes your kitchen looks like it is in a professional restaurant. But bringing it at home will give you a beneficially side. The material of stainless steel is easy to clean up. Its glossy surface reflects the light and your kitchen looks shining. Don’t be afraid how you could have that one without feeling bored while cooking. We will give you the ideas on mix and match your kitchen in stainless steel theme.

Traverse City Architects and Designers Lankford Design Group have successfully design a traditional look. With combination of stainless steel kitchen set and wooden floor with white painted wall, this kitchen looks old school but contemporary. The same theme also applied by Portland Architects and Designers. The kitchen that uses beach style theme combines the stainless steel with white hanging cabinets, white patterned ceiling, and white backsplash with LED lighting under the cabinets. The placement of three artistically hanging lamps above the kitchen stainless steel table looks glorious which is completed by turquoise door cabinets under the stoves.

It is a chic combination between stainless steel and wood. Morristown Architects Designers Passacantando Architects AIA uses old wooden kitchen table as the combination of stainless steel and white ceiling. New York Architects Designers SLADE ARCHITECTURE also uses wood as the accent by placing three wooden seats inside a kitchen with stainless steel and white wall with simple hanging lamps for modern look.

Stainless steel for contemporary look has designed by New York Architects designers Eisher Design LLC which is combining the steel furniture and the same color cabinets with grey bricks arrangement backsplash and wooden floor. The placement of red teapot with others red kitchen appliances gives the accent of red color in this grayish kitchen. It is easy to combine stainless steel kitchen set with many themes.

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