Old Building Elevation for Nice Renovation Home Project

One of the great things of modern design is how it can be developed from so many forms and one of them is by renovation project of an old building elevation. There are so many amazing building designs that created from renovation process and one of them is this The Punktchen Project. This superb 19th century building is newly decorated by Braun Architekten and DYNAMO Studio and makes it becomes wholly new building design. Although there are still so many sign from the old design, this superb modern style building design is indeed something that can be compared to new building design creation.

The renovation project management that runs by the designer in this amazing old-new building design is the one that make it so special. We can see that this building is renovated by expert by identifying the residual past of the design. Take a look at the facade design. Although it has a modern line, the combination between concrete and vintage style wooden window design make it able to show the initial design from the old building elevation.

The same thing can be seen from the back area. Although it excessively involving glass material, which is the sight of modern design, the design of the window design is able to neutralize the extreme modernity by using its vintage shape. This is something that we can learn from this contemporary building design, how it able to combine such contradictory into one big design.

The interior design, then, also become such a great thing that we can learn from this modern style building design. It uses highly minimalist space decoration with a strong involvement of minimalist furniture selection. The design is very simple, but yet it still manages to show use something very beautiful. Renovation project plans for the old building elevation by Braun Architekten and DYNAMO Studio is, indeed, something that can become such a great reference for other building renovation.

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Bathroom Interior Featured with Patented Bathtub and Floating Wooden Vanityjual rumah

Blue Velvet Chairs and Wooden Table Placed to Maximize Punktchen Project Hallway

Chatting Room featured with Open Skylights and Curved Stairs and Inset Shelf

Dining Room Interior Displaying Cool Wooden Table with Chairs and Bench

Displayed in Punktchen Project Home Staircase Entryway with Classic Light above It

Floor Home Concept

Give Punktchen Project Home Access into Upper and Floor Levels

House Featured with Transparency to Connect the Interior and Exterior

Interior Furnished with Wooden Cabinet Installed under Floating Stone Vanity

Interior Involving Wooden Rectangular Table Coupled with Gray Chairs

Kitchen Furnished with Built in Wall Cabinetry and Island and Hanging Rack

Project Home Master Bedroom Involving High Stage for Bed Frame

Punktchen Project home Attic Living Room with Gray sectional Sofa

Punktchen Project Home Room Divider Illuminated by Track Lamp to Brighten the Dark Wall

Room Used as a Specific Important Room with Hard Door

Space with Elegant Wooden Round Table and Chairs Enlightened by Brass Lamp

Transparent Glass Wall and Door to Meet the Green Lawn

Wooden Floor as Punktchen Project Home Kids Bedroom Focal Point besides Colorful Items

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