Matte Black Tiled Bathroom [Source:]

Modern Black and White Bathroom Ideas

The modern black and white bathrooms sound like a popular choice for a modern house. But you
might need a little twist from the common black and white bathroom by using these outstanding ideas.

All Black Tiles

When you think about applying the modern black and white bathrooms, you might want to use the
black and white equally. However, it can be pretty predictable and boring. Why don’t you try to use all
black tiles to cover the surface of your bathroom? It means that the black tiles will be used for
covering the walls and floor in your bathroom.

Matte Black Tiled Bathroom [Source:]
Matte Black Tiled Bathroom [Source:]
But you might have a question about the white color application. The white color can be found from the hanging lamp and the lamp mounted behind the mirror. To make sure that the all-black tiles do not look boring, you can add pattern and texture by choosing the chevron tile.

Black Grout

All white bathrooms will work great especially if your bathroom space is small. However, you want to
use black as well to give a more modern look and contrast in your bathroom. To use the black color,
you can add it to the grout when installing white tiles on the wall surface and the floor, for instance.

White Tile Black Grout [Source:]
White Tile Black Grout [Source:]
When you want to install white tiles, you usually want to use the white grout to make it invisible. By
using black grout, you can create a unique and fascinating pattern by installing simple white tiles.

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Black Framed Shower Panel

Various types of tiles can be chosen to be installed in the bathroom including when you want to create
a modern black and white bathroom. You can choose porcelain tiles with a marble effect to make your
bathroom looks indulgent. It can be a great choice for the bathroom than the natural marble one. This
tile will look great when it is combined with the shower panel that has a black frame.

Modern Walk-In Shower Design [Source :]
Modern Walk-In Shower Design [Source :]
It can be one of the great bathroom remodel ideas on a budget since the framed shower panel can give a
contrasting look in the bathroom. It is useful for accentuating the bathroom space height as well.

Black Taps

White domination is a pretty common choice for a modern bathroom. You might add slightly black
features on the wall or floor. However, you can add black boldly by installing black brassware and
taps in your bathroom. Your beautiful classic white bathroom will look more dramatic with this bold
choice. What a great idea of modern black and white bathrooms.

Black and White Bathroom [Source:]
Black and White Bathroom [Source:]