Corner Bath Tub [Source:]

4 Selections of Small Bathroom Ideas with Tub

Enrich yourself with small bathroom ideas with tub before moving to a new house. Nowadays, it
becomes an essential thing for the house owner. Not everyone has an expansive space for their
Most people provide their homes with walk-in showers. Yet, you can have the solutions here. The
options below can be your references.

Inset Baths

If you have a small bathroom, an inset bath is ideal for you. The design keeps it fit against the wall.
Besides, this bath option is perfect for your space that has any alcoves or recesses.

Inset Bath Tub With Shower and Gold Plated Handles [Source:]
Inset Shower Bath Tub With Gold Plated Handles [Source:]
It is also ideal for a room with narrow width. The reason is because this bath sticks to three walls.
Thus, it will be a great solution for space-saving and maximizing it.

Shower Baths

A shower bath is the recommended choice for a limited space. It will simplify your need by not
separating the tub and shower. It is a perfect solution if you do not have adequate space.
Most of these baths have a design like an inset bath. It fits flat against the wall. It allows you to get
enough space for other storage.

White Shower Bath [Source:]
White Shower Bath [Source:]
You can choose between L-shaped or P-shaped baths for bathroom remodel ideas on a budget.
This model is designed to provide enough space once you are showering. Browse and find your
preferred model from websites.

Compact Baths

A compact bath allows you to create a luxurious look to the bathroom. Although you have limited
space, it can fit into your bathroom. It is an excellent alternative for replacing a full-size bath.
This bath can fit in a smaller as well as narrower space. The design reduces the length and makes it
possible in a limited room. Enjoy its internal bathing space.
Its steeper edges create an additional depth. This bath enables you to feel the experience of luxurious

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Corner Baths

Sometimes the shape will make your room look awkward. This thing can be another challenge apart
from the limited space. So, you have to think carefully about choosing the bath.
You can select a corner bath for this type of bathroom. It fits flat to the wall and takes a corner space.
Its rounded corner keeps your room looking wider.

Corner Bath Tub [Source:]
Corner Bath Tub [Source:]
Compared to the bath with a straight edge, it has no pointed corner in the space. It is the most
suitable solution for your small bathrooms. Its subtle corner provides precious space to walk around
and keeps small bathroom ideas with tub.