Doorless Shower [Source:]

Small Bathroom Ideas with Shower Only

The idea of small bathroom with shower only could be necessary especially since a small bathroom can
look pretty cramped. You might not be able to add more space in the bathroom but it does not mean
that it is impossible to create a more spacious feeling in your small bathroom. You only need to try
these useful ideas for your small bathroom that comes with shower only.


It is always challenging to remodel your house when it has a small space and you only have a small

Doorless Shower [Source:]
Doorless Shower [Source:]
Nevertheless, you can find the best bathroom remodel ideas on a budget, for sure. If you
have a small bathroom, you just want to make sure that it can be as open as possible. Instead of
installing the door for your shower, you can make it more spacious by freeing it from the door.

Doorless Shower For Small Bathroom [Source:]
Doorless Shower For Small Bathroom [Source:]
You can create a shower stall by using a panel instead of a shower door. The water splashing can still be
limited with this method. Do not forget to install tile for covering the floor and wall surface of the
shower area.


Installing a glass shower door or shower partition can be pretty expensive. If you are looking for a
cheaper option, curtains will always be the best choice. Curtains are simple and more importantly, it is
budget-friendly. You just need to install the mounting rods for hanging your curtains. You should also
choose curtains made of water-resistant materials.

Curtained Shower [Source:]
Curtained Shower [Source:]
You can feel free to choose the color also white might be the best choice for a small bathroom. The great thing about installing a shower curtain is that the bathroom will automatically look more open when you open the curtains. That is why it is great for small bathroom ideas with shower only

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Shower Window

You might avoid installing a window near the shower because you want to keep your privacy when
showering. Nevertheless, it is a great idea to have a one-way or a non-viewable window in your shower area because it will let you shower when enjoying sunbeams. You can even take a shower while gazing at the stars.  With this window, natural light can access your small bathroom. It is useful to make the bathroom look
more spacious and airier.

Non-Viewable Bathroom Window [Source:]
Bathroom with a Non-Viewable Window [Source:]
Of course, you have to pay attention greatly to the location of the window since you need to protect your privacy. The shower window can be valuable small bathroom ideas with shower only to keep the small bathroom bright and open.