2 car garage dimensions

Measuring 2 Car Garage Dimensions

Over the past century, the garage dimension covers a width of about 2.7 to 3 meters and a length of 5.4 to 6 meters per car, with a garage door width of 2.4 meters. In the current garage dimension, we tend to want more space to store items other than cars.It seems that car designers always modify their cars by adjusting the latest modes and technologies, including also taking into account fuel price spikes. There are some general parameters that will be useful in planning new garages or renovations that already exist. Let’s look at the current design for 2 car garage dimensions.

2 car garage dimensions

Width: The car’s garage door has a minimum width of 2.4 meters. You can also maximize the door to a width of 2.7 meters which will avoid the possibility of scratching the car separator on the door frame. You’ll sometimes see doors that are narrower than this in a country club, but they’re usually reserved for a 1.5-meter-long, narrow golf cart garage. Meanwhile, garage doors for two cars can have a width of at least 4.3 meters, but more often as wide as 4.6 or 4.9 meters. High: High standard garage door is 2.1 meters, but a height of 2.4 meters is also available. You can get a special 2 car garage dimensions to fit your design at an additional cost.

The details of this plan show the 2 car garage dimensions configuration in general. One garage door as wide as 4.9 meters is large enough to accommodate two cars. It’s a good idea to put a 1.2-meter wide door by the side of the garage. The entrance to the house from the garage at least as wide as 81 cm.The minimum dimension for an average car is 3 x 6 meters per car. This size will allow enough space for someone to open the door and run in front and back of the car after the car was parked in the garage. Garage length of at least 7 meters allows cabinets or storage racks to fit in front of parked cars.

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