Farmhouse Style Grey And White Bathroom [Source:]

Grey and White Bathroom Design Tips and Ideas

Start grey and white bathroom ideas for your timeless and chic decor. It can be a great style
applying to your bathroom. Most people choose it due to its neutral color scheme.
This one will be an easy design solution. It allows you to mix and match freely. Besides, it helps to
cover a lot of errors in your room.

Chic and Classic

Combine your white bath with a horizontal stripe wall. Place your bath in the center and eye-catching
space. Then, put the grey horizontal stripe wall behind it.
Choosing this style makes your narrow space look spacious. The color combination exposes chic and
classic design. You can feel the style of the beach bathroom.

Affordable and Classic

The grey and white do not only offer you a classic design but also an affordable option. You can own
a beautiful bathroom on a budget. Browse some options for your recommendations.
Some house owners consider grey tile because of its affordable price. Moreover, it is also the casual
style for a bathroom. It will be great for your bathroom.

Chic Grey Bathroom Vanity [Source:]
Chic Grey Bathroom Vanity [Source:]
Make sure you find bathroom remodel ideas on a budget that can save money. You can compare it
with granite or marble. Add the mirror to keep your space seem wider, and the ceiling looks higher.

Farmhouse Style

It is also possible for you to add your personality to the design. The bathroom with farmhouse style
can be your option. It helps to view your room more amazing.

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Farmhouse Style Grey And White Bathroom [Source:]
Farmhouse Style Grey And White Bathroom [Source:]
This feature becomes a harmonious balance. It is more than exposing a farmhouse style but also
including industrial elements. Pick a vanity grey color against a white-eggshell wall.
You may expose the pipe and reclaimed wood too. It lets you add interest and variety to your room.

Modern Style

The modern style makes the room have clean lines and lots of light. You will have enough storage for
a big family.
Match grey and white to your modern master bathroom. Choose a rectangular shape sink and a drop
faucet. This feature becomes a beautiful contrast.

Modern Bathroom Design [Source :]
Modern Bathroom Design [Source :]
You can mix them with the granite countertop too. Through this, enjoy the balance between light and
dark color.

Ornate Style

The combination of grey and white is also beautiful for your ornate bathroom. Add a beached
driftwood mirror frame and a mosaic marble floor design.
Additionally, set an alcove shower to your large marble tiles. This difference can expose the beauty
of grey and white bathroom ideas.