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Great Small Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

The small bathroom floor tile ideas can be varied depending on the decoration style you want to apply
in the bathroom. Here are some great ideas to try.

Black Floor White Walls

When you have bathroom walls that are highly patterned, the perfect floor combination for this kind of
wall must be a light-colored floor. Nevertheless, if you have white tile walls, you need to install a dark
floor instead to create a contrast in your bathroom. You might want to install small mosaic tiles in your
bathroom as the bathroom remodel ideas on a budget you want to try.

Bathroom with Black Floor Tile and White Walls [Source:]

Bathroom with Black Floor Tile and White Walls [Source:]

However, you have to make sure that the black tile is only installed on the floor to keep the room looks light and airy.

Same Tiles to the Shower

Some people tend to install different tiles in the shower stall because they think that it is a separate area from the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, you should not use this idea. One of the great small bathroom floor tile ideas you should do is installing the same tiles of the bathroom space in the shower area.

Uniformed Shower and Floor Tiles [Source:]

Uniformed Shower and Floor Tiles [Source:]

As a result, the design will look uniform and seamless. The visual feeling of the space in the bathroom will be expanded with this simple trick. Plus, you do not have to get different tiles for your shower stall floor. It can keep the job simple.

Chevron Stripe Tile

You might want to use the tiles with diagonal patterns to elongate the feel of space in your small
bathroom. However, you can also get the same effect by installing the chevron stripe tiles.

Cevron Stripe Bathroom Tile [Source:]

Cevron Stripe Bathroom Tile [Source:]

It can add a sense of depth to your bathroom space as well. This kind of tile could also be combined with a white palette to avoid unnecessary visual clutter. To open the bathroom space further, you should also install a glass shower door.

Large Marble Tile

Last but not least, you can widen the bathroom space further by installing the larger marble tile for your bathroom flooring. It works great especially when you want to use bold colors for your bathroom wallpaper and vanity, for instance. You can combine it with the larger marble tiles on the floor.

Remember, you need to choose marble tiles that have narrow grout lines. The bold color as the focal point of the bathroom will not get disturbed by the marble tile installation for the floor.

Marble-Tiled Bathroom [Source:]

Beautiful Large-Marble-Tiled Bathroom [Source:]

Feel free to use one of these small bathroom floor tile ideas.

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