Narrow Bathroom Inspiration [Source:]

Options for Small Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

Are you ready to do a small bathroom remodel on a budget? Then this information is suitable for you. If
you already set your budget plan, you can start to browse the design.
Consider the main thing that you change. For a bigger budget, you can plan a wider remodel. Take a
look at the following remodeling ideas.

Limit Using Tiles

Tiles become the first reason to consider. If you search for information for tiles, the price may surprise
you. It gets more expensive, especially when you work with a contractor.
You can save your money by limiting the number of tiles used. Focus only on the area that has high
impacts. Take, for example, the floor.

Half-tiled Bathroom [Source:]
Half-tiled Bathroom Wall [Source:]
You can leave the inside part of the shower stall walls. As an alternative, tile only one horizontal stripe
on the wall. Then, you can paint the rest of it.

Save the Countertops

Granite countertops have become a trend recently. However, you have to consider this option in your
bathroom counter area. Be sure you select the best investment for your space.
To save money, you can consider the color. Some neutral colors such as light beige, tan, and brown
are popular. It means those colors are more expensive.

Modern Bathroom by Raquel Navalon Alvarez
Modern Bathroom by Raquel Navalon Alvarez

Another option for bathroom remodel ideas on a budget is by purchasing the imperfection slab. The
price is cheaper when you get a slab with more visible imperfection.


This one is the cheapest choice among others. It is an effective way to have a new look in your
bathroom. Yet, it may take more time than you thought.
Although your bathroom is the smallest room, it allows you to paint it slowly and gently. The paint has
to cover all areas including the wall corner, the shower, the window, the floor, etc. So, take your time
and be patient while doing it.

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Narrow Bathroom Inspiration [Source:]
Narrow Bathroom Inspiration [Source:]
Besides, you have to consider the moisture too. It is easy to develop mildew and mold in the
bathroom. Therefore, it is better to invest in painting with high quality and has a satin finish.

Update Light Fixture

The little details in your bathroom can be an alternative too. You can renew the sink faucet, towel
racks, or other light fixtures. It helps to show a big difference in the look.

Chic Grey Bathroom Vanity [Source:]
Chic Grey Bathroom Vanity [Source:]
Browse our website to find various options available, including the price. You may find the items that
are out of your budget. However, get the way to replicate its look for small bathroom remodel on a