sliding glass door blinds

Vertical Sliding Glass Door Blinds

Vertical sliding glass door blinds is a window cover curtain which can also be applied for glass door. In addition to the window cover also functions to adjust the intensity of light that enters the room. These blinds, also called Blinds are made of Polyester or Fiber glass fabric rigidly coated glass material with a special material, with perfect technology that is not curved and resistant to weather. The size of vertical blinds can be adjusted to the size of the door or window. You should consult to the store which size will fit to the size of your door. You can also choose the design and material which will fit to your house concept. So in addition to use it as the blinds from the sun light, it can also add the point of decoration in the house.

sliding glass door blinds

The way the vertical sliding glass door blinds is operated is by using a pull strap (rope) and a latch string. The curl is used to open and close the vertical leaves to the left and to the right, so that the window area can be open or closed by vertical blinds. While the lace rope adjacent to the rope is used to open and close the leaves vertical blinds to adjust the intensity of light entering the room.

Vertical sliding glass door blinds are also commonly used in offices, hotels, hospitals, and apartments. This is because vertical blinds give minimalist formal impression. In addition it can make the feel more comfortable and fresh. Currently, many have used vertical blinds instead of curtains. The motives also very diverse, in addition to minimalist motifs, wood motifs and other motifs are also many emerging. Each type of fabric has its own character and privilege. Vertical blind users can buy what suits their needs and budget. Color patterns and options are very diverse. So that allows users to choose the style and color of vertical leaves according to taste and needs.

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