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Tips For Choosing Outdoor Grill


Detailed guide on how to find the grill that suits your needs

The grill market abounds with different types of grills, as well as different brands of grills, from the popular ones such as CharBroil and Weber, to the generic ones.

In addition to the many brands you can find online today, there are also many different types of barbecue. The question of make and model is also as important as the question of what type of grill to choose.

Do you prefer the classic charcoal grill or the simple gas grill? Do you need an electronic grill, or do you also need a fire to bake a good pizza? Can you really taste the difference between whether the ingredients are cooked for gas or charcoal grill?

On this page we have made a guide for you who want to learn more about the different types of grills and find the one that best suits your needs.


In total, you can talk about three different types of grill: charcoal grill, gas grill and the electronic grill.

Your choice of grill depends largely on your personal opinion and temperament.


The charcoal grill is the classic grill, and for many, this special grill is the symbol of grilling and eating barbecue food. Many believe that there is something very special about the smell, taste and smoke from the charcoal grill.

Grilling with charcoal can take longer than with the other two types of grill, but the special grill feeling is worth the wait. The charcoal grill is also easy to move, so you can spread the joy of grilling in several places.

Benefits of charcoal grill

  • With a charcoal grill you achieve a very high temperature
  • The grill comes in many different designs, sizes and shapes
  • Usually the charcoal grill is cheaper than the gas grill
  • The charcoal grill gives a traditional grill feeling
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Disadvantages of a charcoal grill

  • The grill has a long start-up
  • It is more difficult to regulate the temperature of a charcoal grill
  • It gets a little dirty and the remnants of coal have to be removed


Should you really invest in briquettes or charcoal for your grill? The answer here is both. Charcoal burns quickly and is super good if you want to get the grill going and do not necessarily need to prepare ingredients that have a long cooking time. Conversely, barbecue briquettes are only perfect for this purpose, as they burn more slowly and have a longer glow time.


Gas Grills has won the hearts of many in recent years – and for a good reason. The gas grill has many smart functions that ensure that you get an efficient grill and super delicious results. Most gas grills are equipped with several burners, so you can easily regulate the temperature and have greater control over the heat. In addition, the gas grill is super easy to clean, which can save you a lot of extra work.

In general, the grill gives you a large grill area and heats up quickly so you can get started grilling the dishes. Tests also show that there is no difference in the taste of your ingredients when choosing a gas grill. So you can safely grill your steaks!

Advantages of gas grill

  • The gas grill heats up quickly
  • It is easy to find and regulate the temperature of the grill
  • The gas grill emits less smoke, so your clothes willnot smell as much

Disadvantages of gas grill

  • The gas grill is often more expensive than the charcoal grill
  • You need to make sure there is enough gas in the bottle before you start grilling
  • The gas grill takes up more space than both the electric grill and the charcoal grill


The electronic grill (also just known as electric grill) can be a perfect choice for you who live in the middle of the city and only have a small balcony. The grill does not take up much space and is also easy to store. The grill can be ready in a few minutes and requires neither gas nor charcoal – just an electrical outlet. It is easy to clean, and you can basically use it anywhere you have access to an electrical outlet.

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Benefits of an electric grill

  • Grills start quickly so you can get started
  • It’s super easy to set up
  • Does not require gas or coal
  • It is easy to clean and store

Disadvantages of an electronic grill

  • The grill requires an electrical outlet (or extension cord)
  • You do not get exactly the same barbecue experience


Of course, there are other types of grills you can also choose from.


Smoking is more than a delicious way to make fish or meat. Although you can easily smoke on your grill, we recommend that you get a smoke oven if there is something you want to go more into. There are almost no restrictions on what you can smoke and smoking gives the ingredients an absolutely fantastic taste. If you are interested to buy, you can see the selection of ovens below :


You can also get a table grill. The table grill is a small electric grill that you can use both indoors and outdoors. The versatile grill is perfect for creating a barbecue atmosphere all year round and can also be used for both roasting toast and vegetables as well as steaks and chicken. The table grill is easy to clean and store.


A pellet grill uses wood pellets to heat up. You therefore release gas, coal and briquettes. The wood pellets used for the grill are specially made, and it is important that you only buy pellets that are made for use on the grill. The wood pellets for the grill are poured into a tank / container, and therefore the pellets are automatically sent on to the combustion chamber. Here you light with glow plugs, which helps to give the grill an even heat. In addition to the pills, you only need to have some power for the grill so that the grill can lead the pills into the combustion chamber. The grill is known for having a short ignition time and gives the ingredients an exquisite smoky taste.


Of course you can also grill over a campfire. This will give the ingredients a good taste, but also limit your grilling methods. You can find a lot of accessories for your fireplace (such as fire racks or fire pans), so you can easily grill and bake different things.

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The disposable grill is great for you who do not grill very much. You can easily take it on a trip, and after use it can be thrown away. The disposable grill does not give you the same control options as some of the other grills, but you can easily fry a piece of chicken, bread or a small steak on it.


It is important that you choose a grill type that suits your needs. If you like the traditional ritual of lighting a charcoal grill and letting the delicious smoke rise, then this is definitely a charcoal grill you should take.

If you are more interested in the slightly faster method and do not care about the smell of smoke, an electronic grill or a gas grill may be the right choice. Several Danes have switched to the more modern gas grills. The grill is undeniably more practical, since it heats up quickly and you can therefore start making the ingredients faster.


When choosing a grill, it is also important that you choose one that is large enough. If you have a large family or you dream of being a neighbour grill master, then it is important that you have a grill that has room for the different ingredients. A family of four can probably not settle for the smallest model if food is to be served at the same time.


It can be an advantage to read various tests and reviews of grill models before investing in one. That way, you can get an idea of the models and considerations you should make before you buy one. You can go out and see some of the models before you decide.


When it comes to the right choice of grill, the choice also largely depends on the right accessories. The grilling experience (and the result) will be much better if you have the right grilling equipment. Therefore, it is of course also important that you know what to use the grill for.

If you want to make pizza on the grill, we recommend that you invest in a pizza stone. If, on the other hand, you are the type who loves good stews, it obviously requires the right stew for the grill.

You can find a large and wide selection of different equipment for the grill, which can help you bake bread, pizza or prepare different stews. You can find everything from pizza stones and cast iron pots to grill thermometers and much more. Only the imagination sets limits to what you should grill.


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