Popular Interior Design for Living Room - Informal Living Room

Popular Interior Design for Living Room

Interior design for living room will be the great topic to be discussed. There will be always interesting things related to your living room design. As we know living room can be on formal design. Or, you can also design it to be the place where you can spend the majority time with your family at home.

Well, there will be a lot of ideas you can consider in order to give the eye catching design for your living room. Those ideas will really help you to make very comfortable living room. So, do you want to know some ideas of interior design for living room? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. Here will be some great ideas for you.

Living Room Basics

Before giving you some ideas about living room design, let’s first talk about the basic rules of living room. Basically, living room can be the formal space for welcoming your home visitors. Or you can also use it as the casual space for your family at home. Besides that, you can also combine the formal and informal concept for your beautiful living room. So it can be the flexible space for your home.

Formal Concept of Living Room

First of all, you can apply formal design for your living room. This design will be situated near the front side of your home. Well, it will be used for receiving your home guests, right? There will be also the typical arrangement of your furniture. You can place sofas with two arm chairs. Or you can also combine sofa and love seat.

Popular Interior Design for Living Room - Formal Living Room
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Besides that, you can also make this room with more function. You can place book shelf there. As a result, it can be the library for everybody who visits there. So, this is the first design you can try at home.

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Informal Concept of Living Room

The second design idea for you is to create the informal living room. As its name suggests, you are going to create the casual look of your living room. For this room, you can choose another alternative area with more casual sense. Besides that, you can also use it as your family gathering place on your daily basis.

Popular Interior Design for Living Room - Informal Living Room
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This room will offer you some casual items like television, sofa, chaise lounges, and other furniture usually used for your family gathering. Finally, those are all some ideas of interior design for living room.

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