Luxury Velvet Chairs Dining Table Set 6 Seater [Source:]

Modern 6-Seater Dining Table Set

Designing a dining room with a dining table set of 6 chairs can be very challenging. You need to think about everything carefully when mixing and matching the furniture. Knowing the latest trend of dining table sets of 6 chairs will be very helpful. It will give you the ideas …

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Lumisource Clara Metal And Glass Dining Table In Walnut [Source:]

4 Best Modern Dining Chairs Set of 4

Dining rooms play an important room in every interior design. Depending on the size of the room and your family needs, the number of the chairs may vary. If you have a little family with a relatively small dining room, a dining table set of 4 chairs can be a …

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Large Mirror For Small Bathroom [Source:]

Modern Bathroom Designs Ideas for Small Spaces

The modern bathroom designs for small spaces can be useful to keep the small bathroom open and functional at the same time. Large Mirror If you do not have the larger space you want in your modern bathroom, you just need to make an illusion of it. How can you …

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Uniformed Shower and Floor Tiles [Source:]

Great Small Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

The small bathroom floor tile ideas can be varied depending on the decoration style you want to apply in the bathroom. Here are some great ideas to try. Black Floor White Walls When you have bathroom walls that are highly patterned, the perfect floor combination for this kind of wall …

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Black and White Bathroom with Gold Accents [Source:]

Black and White Bathroom Design Ideas

The black and white bathroom design sounds perfect to be applied to your modern house. However, it does not mean that black and white is limited to modern design only. Here are some great ideas for using black and white in your bathroom design. Dark Grey You might want to …

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Doorless Shower [Source:]

Small Bathroom Ideas with Shower Only

The idea of small bathroom with shower only could be necessary especially since a small bathroom can look pretty cramped. You might not be able to add more space in the bathroom but it does not mean that it is impossible to create a more spacious feeling in your small …

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