Large Mirror For Small Bathroom [Source:]

Modern Bathroom Designs Ideas for Small Spaces

The modern bathroom designs for small spaces can be useful to keep the small bathroom open and
functional at the same time.

Large Mirror

If you do not have the larger space you want in your modern bathroom, you just need to make an
illusion of it. How can you make an illusion of space? You do not need any magic in this circumstance.
All that you need is just a large mirror.

Narrow Bathroom With Large Mirror [Source:]
Narrow Bathroom With Large Mirror [Source:]
How big can the mirror be? If you want to make sure that it can really create an illusion of space in your small bathroom, you might want to install a wall-to-wall mirror. It can create modern bathroom designs for small spaces you want.

Large Mirror For Small Bathroom [Source:]
Large Mirror For Small Bathroom [Source:]

Glass Shower Door

It is pretty normal to find the curtain used for separating the shower area in the bathroom. Sometimes
you can find the foggy glass for the bathroom separator. However, you should avoid this choice when
your bathroom space is small. You can use the glass shower door instead to keep the bathroom
space open. It still works great for separating the wet area in the bathroom, after all.

Non-Viewable Bathroom Window [Source:]
Glass Shower Door [Source:]

Natural Light

Another trick to keep the bathroom space open is by allowing the natural light to enter the bathroom as much as possible. This might be something you need to keep in mind for your next bathroom remodel ideas on a budget.

The normal windows on the wall will do great but if the windows are not enough, you might want to consider installing a skylight to allow more natural light to access your bathroom. Sometimes you cannot depend on the natural light for the main light source in your bathroom because of various circumstances. You just have to make sure that there is enough lamp installed in your bathroom space.

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Bathroom Lighting Idea [Source:]
Bathroom Lighting Idea [Source:]

Tile Surface

Tile is a perfect choice for bathroom surface installation. It works great when you also install the tile
on the bathroom wall because it can prevent you from the worry of the water splash on your walls. You just need to install the same tile in the bathroom and shower area for the modern bathroom designs for small spaces.

Modern Walk-In Shower Design [Source :]
Modern Walk-In Shower Design [Source :]
It can simplify the installation job because the tile used for the entire bathroom floor is just the same. If you use different tiles for the shower area and the rest of the bathroom, it will give a cramped feeling.