Cozy Ceiling Lamp By Jean Philippe Delberghe [Source : unsplash]

How To Find The Right Lighting For Your Home

Which lightings would best suit your needs?

There is a sea of lamps choice on the market, and sometime it can therefore be difficult to find head and tail in what to choose. Here we have compiled a lamp guide, where we will guide you through what is the difference between different lamp types and when use them.

Read further to learn more on how to find the right lighting for your home.

Floor standing lamps – the regular reading companion

A floor standing lamp is, as the name suggests, characterised by standing on the floor. It is also called a floor lamp.

The special thing about a floor lamp is that it usually has a long stand from the base that opens into a lampshade at the top. However, some floor lamps may have several lampshades or a rod that opens into several arms where the lampshades are located. There are therefore many alternatives in floor lamps.

A floor lamp can be used in different places around the house. However, most people choose to use it next to the sofa or next to a good armchair. Here, the floor lamp can be a fantastic help for when you are sitting and reading a book, sitting with the computer or something completely different, where you need a little extra light.

Several floor lamps have adjustable arms. This can especially be beneficial for your reading corner, where you can adjust the lamp so that you get the best lighting.

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Floor lamps are often used as secondary lighting, as they do not illuminate the entire room, but instead provide a spot lighting. However, it is possible to get floor lamps that provide more lighting, and thus can illuminate, for example, a smaller room.

Ceiling lights – all kinds of uses

Ceiling lamps actually embrace different types of lamps. It could be a lamp hanging in a cord down from the ceiling. However, there are also ceiling lights that sit straight up in the ceiling and thus do not hang.

If we take a closer look at the latter lamp, which sits directly on the ceiling, this is extremely useful for the bedroom. It will not take too much focus in the room, but still keep it open and inviting. In addition, it helps to provide good lighting for the room if, for example, it is placed in the middle of the ceiling.

Cozy Ceiling Lamp By Szabo Viktor [Source : unsplash]
Cozy Ceiling Lamp By Szabo Viktor [Source : unsplash]
If we look at the ceiling lamp that hangs from a cord in the ceiling, it is often equipped with a lampshade with a certain volume. These ceiling lamps work super well over the dining table or coffee table, where it is easy to adjust the ceiling lamp to a suitable height.

Ceiling lights are often used as headlights. It is therefore the type of lamp that would give a lot of light to the room and make it nice to be there. It is therefore not uncommon to have several ceiling lights above, for example a dining table to ensure that there is sufficient light over the entire table.

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Ceiling lights are therefore something that often gets a lot of focus in the decor. It is therefore important that you choose the right ceiling lamp that suits the decor, as it will get a lot of eye-catching.

Table lamp – extra lighting for the cozy atmosphere

Table lamps are a smaller type of lamps that can be used as secondary lighting. It often has a foot and a rod that lead up to the lampshade. However, there are many variants of the table lamp that differ from the traditional model.

Cozy Table Lamp By Joel Henry [Source : unsplash]
Cozy Table Lamp By Joel Henry [Source : unsplash]
The scattering of light from a table lamp is often not nearly as strong as from, for example, a ceiling lamp or floor lamp. This type of lamp is therefore very good for scattering a bright lighting, which helps to provide a cozy atmosphere in the room.

For example, you can use a table lamp on a sideboard or bookshelf – or in the window sill, where it can provide cozy lighting. In addition, table lamps also work well for the bedroom, where they can be good to have next to the bed to provide a dim lighting.

Wall lighting – the space-saving option

Wall lights do not hang from the ceiling or stand on one foot. This type of lamp is mounted directly on the wall, where the power to the lamp is usually drawn directly from the wall. However, it is not a must, as you can also get power to them through a regular electrical outlet.

Wall lamps come in different varieties. It is therefore possible to use them both as primary lighting and secondary lighting. This is because wall lamps can be used in many different places in the decor. You can therefore easily find a model that suits the given purpose and provides the right lighting.

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Cozy Ceiling Lamp By Jean Philippe Delberghe [Source : unsplash]
Cozy Ceiling Lamp By Jean Philippe Delberghe [Source : unsplash]
Wall lamps are especially good for the bedroom, where there is no need for a bedside table for the lamp to stand on. If the bedroom is cramped, but you need some lighting for the night reading, then a wall lamp is a perfect solution.

However, wall lamps can also be used in the kitchen above the kitchen table. Here they can provide good lighting when you start with the big cooking. It can give the kitchen a simple and stylish look, as there is no string hanging down from the ceiling. There are therefore many uses with wall lamps.



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