Exploring Ideas for Living Room Decor - Black Wall Mounted Bookcase and Vanity

Exploring Ideas for Living Room Decor

There are many ways to design, decorate or redecorate our living room that you might never thought it will give great changes and fresh atmosphere.

We might often think that changing the nuance of our living room is expensive. Well, although it is true that it can be expensive, but it does not have to always be.

Optimizing, combining, reorganizing your current furniture can also be a good idea for new look. Here are some ideas for living room to begin your project.

Contemporary ideas for living room design

When you have wall mounted book case, it is the best spot to display some favorite things of yours. Book case does not always for putting books and magazine. You can modify the organization and get the contemporary ideas for living room design you desire.

Exploring Ideas for Living Room Decor - Black Wall Mounted Bookcase and Vanity 02
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For example, you have three shelves wall mounted book case in black color. You may add one black living room vanity right under the book case with the same length as the book case.

Exploring Ideas for Living Room Decor - Black Wall Mounted Bookcase and Vanity
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And then, start to place things in a way that people will see good taste in your arrangement. For example, you may put a line of books on the top of living room vanity as well as decorative plate in a stand and 2 DIY crafts. Next, put some more books and place one decorative item above the books. Beside it, in accordance, put decorative mug and decorative glass jar containing landscape miniature. On the second shelf, you may put more books among one photo frames and two decorative glass containers. The top shelf can be for another line of books among pottery and small spinning wheel.

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Ideas for living room for contemporary style

White walls living room with many windows can be advantage for designing contemporary living room. Let’s see why and how. You only need to add black drapes if your current curtains are white or grey. And then, choose white rug to create area rug. Having grey or white sofas with one additional sectional sofa is a good idea for more comfort. If possible, choose two more white single sofas in the same pattern. Brown flooring with wooden texture is a perfect choice. For the coffee table, choose the one with white feet and glass top. If still there is space above your white fireplace, put on round mirror in white frames. Those are ideas for living room to trigger yours.

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