tongue and groove ceiling

Design For Tongue and Groove Ceiling

The famous tongue and groove ceiling with various names and types. Each type has a type of board and wood that became the foundation of the wooden ceiling. But one for sure, every wooden ceiling has a uniform motif, creating attractive structures and designs for the ceiling of your home.Usually, the wooden ceiling is used in the room to maximize the warm impression on the room, for example the living room with fireplace, bedroom, or kitchen and dining room. In addition to warm, wooden ceiling also makes the atmosphere of the house as if being in a villa in the mountains, comfortable and friendly.

tongue and groove ceiling

This wooden tongue and groove ceiling is designed by Hammer Architects, a company that focuses on interior design of buildings based in Massachusetts, United States. In the design of this 2000an theme kitchen, Hammer Architects make use of the wooden ceiling as the main scene that gives the impression warm. In addition, the surrounding interior colors are also made in harmony with the wooden ceiling, ranging from kitchen cabinets, to chairs and dining tables. In the kitchen with the 2000s theme, although the wooden ceiling causes a dark effect on the room, but the interior designer outsmarts with a hanging lamp for the dining table and downlights for corners of the kitchen that need light. The kitchen window also gives an important role to fill the light in this kitchen space.

The tongue and groove ceiling design from Tara Bussema, an interior designer from Portland, United States that is used to handle the house with wooden ceiling design. Not much different from the previous kitchen design, wooden ceiling in the living room using a color that complements the frame and leaves the living room door. Wall decoration and interior color followed with bright colors that increasingly lived the room.

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