Cream Sofa Set for Fascinating Outdoor Residence Decoration

There are many ways in designing and decorating the outdoor residence with specific characteristics such as a cream sofa set. The design that is reviewed in this article is a residence called the 299 Soper Place Residence. It is a kind of contemporary residence design that was designed by Barry J. Hobin & Associates Architects Inc. We will find this house located in Canada as a contemporary home design that will catch our eyes very well.

Dealing to this situation, here are some pictures about the house included the interior and exterior decoration. The outdoor residence is constructed based on the natural and gorgeous design. They utilize the porch as the place to relax and enjoy the views. We will find the wide swimming pool in opened style in front of the house. There are also several seating place as outdoor living room with the cream sofa set and square table. They are also completed with creamy umbrella.

Talking about the construction, the structure comes with the stones blocks and also wooden materials that become the main construction styles. In this case, the house applies several buildings that are connected one by one with the glass wall room. In the second floor, there is opened balcony with wooden floor and unique grey seating place. It is rather same booking at the room inside. They are structured in neutral marble for the floor. As in the dining room, they apply it with long wooden table and white stainless still chairs. The unique style is the perforated table top applied decorating.

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Now, if you are interested in this kind of house, you may get for looking some ideas. They can be gained as well by following the pictures. The design and details that are applied in this house resemble the existence of contemporary and modern application in a spectacular house. Yeah, this residence outdoor furniture can be really one of the ways we find the fascinating exterior design by combining such as the cream sofa set for lovely seat furniture.

Back Space with Concrete Terrace and Wide Canopy above the Rattan Furniture

Bathroom with White Towel Shelves and White Cabinet near the Wooden Vanity

Beautiful Panoramic Painting and Iron Pillars near it

Chairs and Rattan Table on the Hardwood Floor near White Canopy

Green Tree seen from Wide Glass Walls near the White Tub

Grey Stone Wall and Wide Glass Walls between the Brown Roof

Grey Stools and High Tables under the White Canopy near Blue Pool

Long Wooden Bench and White Tile Wall above the Grey Floor

Night with Blue Light near the Concrete Terrace and Grass Yard

Place with Stone Wall and Glass Door near the Grey Stone Footing

Soper Place with Blue Pool and Cozy Terrace Area using Rattan Furniture

Table and many White Chairs near the Long Wooden Kitchen Counter

Table in the Living Room with Stone Fireplace and Wide Glass Walls

Table near the Long Blue Sofa and Glass Cabinet on Wooden Floor

Wall and White Vanity under the White Sink and White Ceiling

White Quilts on the Hardwood Floor near the Glass Walls

Wood inside the Wooden Staircase Footings and Stone Wall

Wooden Cabinets and Wooden Drawers near the Bathroom Small Wooden Door

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