Beautiful Craft Rooms with Simple and Creative DIY Project

Redesign your home by renovating any spaces could give you an extremely different look, but a small thing like DIY project for beautiful craft rooms could give you a refreshment points in your house in easy ways. Make a these projects could maximize your creative mind. You could using only a simple material such as unused things to recycle, to be a great handcraft by yourself that give a different look in your home. Because by recycling, you are care about the continuity of this earth.

Love romantic theme in your house? Candleholder from your DIY craft must be tried especially it is for the beautiful craft rooms. You could make it in two ways. First, use clear glasses that you are not using it anymore. Make geometric patterns by patching tapes to be the patterns that you want. Let spaces as the place to paint. If it is done, start to paint this glass with your favorite color. For romantic candle, you could use fire tone like yellow and orange. After it dry, peel off the tape and now you have a candle glass with geometric patterns.

Second way, you could make cement votive with lace pattern. You need a little cement, two disposable containers in two different sizes, and lace pattern sticker tape. First, place the sticker tape around the inside of bigger container, and then fill the container with melted cement, place the smaller container in the middle of melted cement and let it dry. Voila, you have a beautiful craft for your romantic candles.

The steps above you could apply in bigger size for making planters. You could use those geometric glasses as flowers vases and you could use the cement craft as plantation pots with adding some paints outside. If you have the old planters, you could make it different by painting them in your favorite colors. Don’t be afraid in making your DIY craft ideas for the beautiful craft rooms to express your creative mind.

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Brown Colored Clay Pot with Several Colorful Lines Filled with Several Bright Colored Flowers

Gold Colored Cage and White Colored Vase which is Filled with Several Types of Cacti

Green PLants Inside Two Bright Colored Pot which is Made from Clay

Made from Grey Colored Concrete with Beautiful Pattern Filled with Orange Candle

Several Colorful Flowers Placed in Glass Panel Vase with Golden Bottom

Several Colorful SunfPlaced in Transparent Vase which is Made from Glass Panel with White Ornaments

Several Green plants which is Placed in White Cube Concrete with Several Golden Paper Ornament

Several Pots which is Made from Clay and Bright Colored Paint Surface

Transparent Glass Material with Colorful Outer Pattern Filled with White Colored Candle

White Colored Candles which are Placed in Yellow Blocks with Several Colorful Painting

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