Philips Hue Smart Outdoor Lights - Featured

Philips Hue Smart Outdoor Lights – Lighting Options for Your Home and Beyond

Philips Hue Smart Outdoor Lights are some of the best lighting options for your home. With these outdoor lights, you can create a smart garden that is lit up at night with colourful light displays.

You can also synchronise your outdoor lights with any other Philips Hue lights in your home or office to create an immersive atmosphere where every room is filled with beautiful light.

Philips Hue Outdoor Lights – What are They and what to Expect?

Philips Hue Outdoor Lights are a new addition to the Philips Hue family. They are an extension of the Philips Hue Home Lighting system and provide a variety of lighting options for outdoor spaces.

This product is best for those who have already invested in the Philips Hue Home Lighting System and want to extend their system outdoors. It also provides a great way to change up your outdoor space with different colours and brightness levels.

Outdoor Lighting Options with Philips Hue

The Philips Hue outdoor lighting range offers a variety of options for your garden. There are three different types of lights available:

  • Lightstrip Plus is a flexible strip that can be cut to size and mounted on walls, fences or even trees. It provides up to 2 meters in length and is perfect for illuminating patios, backyards and gardens.
  • Spot Light provides a more directional beam of light that can be used to highlight features in your garden such as plants or statues.
  • Floodlight provides a wider beam of light, with the widest coverage at 50 meters in length. This option is perfect for illuminating larger areas like fields or gardens.
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Main Features Of Philips Hue Outdoor Lights

Philips Hue Outdoor Lights are a good way to combine traditional lighting with more modern, innovative outdoor lights. Philips Hue outdoor lights are designed for outdoor use and can be used for both safety and decoration purposes.

These lights can provide safety by illuminating your yard and garden at night. They also provide decoration by adding a sense of modernity to the exterior of your home and have different light settings that allow you to set the mood for any occasions.

Philips Hue Outdoor Lights can be controlled through an app or through a voice assistant like Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa.

The light settings include:

  • white ambiance
  • bright white
  • vivid colours
  • soft pastels
  • sunset/sunrise simulation

Are Philips Hue Outdoor Lights wireless?

Philips Hue Outdoor Lights are not wireless. You need to connect them to a power outlet or use a Philips Hue Outdoor Extension Cable. These lights can be controlled with a bridge and an outdoor hub.

How to Install Philips Hue Outdoor Light?

Philips Hue outdoor light is a great outdoor lighting solution for your garden or outside area. It has a wide range of applications and can be used as both an accent light or a primary source of light.

To install Philips Hue outdoor lights you need to buy the kit that comes with the Philips Hue Outdoor Light, extension wire, and mounting bracket. You will also need some screws and anchors to install the bracket to your wall or post. All of these items are included in the kit.

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Choosing the Best Philips Hue Outdoor Light for Your Requirements

The Philips Hue Outdoor Light is a perfect way to add some colour to your outdoor space. It’s a great way to make your backyard or garden more lively, and it can be used for all sorts of occasions.

Different outdoor spaces have different lighting needs. Whether you need something that can provide high-quality light for a party or something more subtle for dinner, there is a Philips Hue Outdoor Light that will suit your requirements.

Philips Hue outdoor lights are available in two types: Philips Hue Outdoor Spotlights and Philips Hue Outdoor Floodlights. The spotlight is perfect for highlighting a specific area while the floodlight casts a wider, more even light across an entire space.