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Garden Designs with Pebbles and Pavers – A Guide

The presence of garden designs with pebbles and pavers is trendy nowadays. It enhances the visual look of your garden while providing a path on it. Using pebbles and pavers is also a way to make your landscaping less costly.

Designing a garden with pebbles is part of garden ideas on a budget. That is why pebbles and pavers are versatile for landscaping.

How to use pebbles in the garden

Pebbles come in various colors, sizes, and shapes. It is also the reason why this material is so popular for on a budget landscaping.

You can dig a trench around a natural area and fill it with pebbles. The trench will prevent grass from spreading and provide water drainage.

Another way to use pebbles is by filling a natural area with stones instead of mulch and other similar materials. Colorful stones provide an attractive look in the garden. Meanwhile, sticking to one pebble color gives a more modern vibe.

When it comes to the garden designs with pebbles and pavers, you can use the stones to outline a lawn area. Checkerboard effects are great for a garden. Or, you can outline a big circle of grass, whether you are filling and defining the grass with pebbles.

How to use pavers in the garden

Pavers are unique for a pathway in the garden. You can find the one with the most expensive price tag to a type that requires DIY work.

This material comes in various shapes, sizes, and types. It is essential to know which type of pavers you want to use in the garden.

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Mixing pavers and pebbles are a good idea to make a path. For instance, you can incorporate some slabs and surround them with pebbles. Whether you are going with a single color or colorful options, you will never fail to make a path with those materials.

Meanwhile, you can be creative by mixing several shapes and sizes of pavers. Even though coordination and uniformity are great, breaking the monotony is a way to enhance your garden.

You can buy oversized pavers with irregular shapes. All you need to do is to put them strategically in your garden to create a funky path. It is surprising how fun and exciting the vibe in the garden would be.

If you have a plan to put some garden designs with pebbles and pavers, the tips above can be excellent references.