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Video Doorbells With No Subscription – Reviews and Best Choice For You

Choosing a video doorbell is not an easy task. There are many factors that need to be considered. This guide will help you select the best video doorbell without a subscription and compare the features of our top picks.

Doorbells are one of those essential home gadgets that allow you to see who is at your doorstep from anywhere in the world. They also offer some other features like motion sensors, two-way audio communication, and cloud storage for your recorded videos.

In this guide, we will compare some of the most popular brands and models on the market so that you can make an informed decision about which one is best for you.

What Are Video Doorbells and Why You Should Get One?

Video doorbells are a surveillance system that allows you to see and speak to whomever is at the door. All you need to do is attach it to your doorbell and pair it with your home Wi-Fi network. When someone rings your doorbell, the video doorbell will send you an alert on your phone with two-way audio.

Video doorbells are perfect for monitoring what is going on at your property, especially when you are away.

What Factors To Look For When Choosing a Video Doorbell With No Subscriptions?

We all know that video doorbells are a must-have for your home security and peace of mind. But with so many brands out there, it can be hard to choose the right one. Here are some things you might want to consider before purchasing:

  • How often do you expect to use the doorbell?
  • What features do you need?
  • How loud is the doorbell?
  • What type of installation will you need for it?

Best Video Door Bell Systems With No Monthly Subscription Plans

Doorbells are a classic way to get notified when someone is at the door. However, with the rise of smart homes and smart devices, there are now many new ways to keep track of your visitors.

There are many different types of video doorbell systems on the market today. They range in price and features, but they all have one thing in common: they require no monthly subscription plans.

Eufy has been making good security camera products lately with features that will help you protect your home better. They also have great battery life, so they can go for a long time without charging. All of their products are made by Anker, which is well known for quality hardware. The Eufy HomeSense’s standout features are its encrypted local storage, its great quality camera, and its support for Echo and Google doorbells.

If you don’t care about some of the included features, then the best of the best might not be for you. That’s why I’ve also provided video doorbell options that provide a more specialised set of features.

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In this article we will be reviewing different video doorbell systems that don’t require a monthly subscription plan.

Eufy Video Doorbell: Subscription-Free Video Doorbell

The Eufy Video Doorbell is a subscription-free video doorbell that allows you to see who is at the door before you open it. It is an easy way to know what is going on outside of your home.

It does not require any monthly subscription fees in order to work. You can use it with your current Wi-Fi and it will work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

Eufy Video Doorbell (
Eufy Video Doorbell (

This device has a 2-way audio speaker and microphone so you can communicate with whoever is at the door. It also has night vision so you can see whoever is at the door in the dark as well as motion detection so that it will notify you every time someone walks up to your front door or if there are any movements near it.

Eufy’s Storage Options

The Eufy Video Doorbell doesn’t offer cloud-storage at all. Instead, it records all video footage onto its internal storage of 16 GB. This would get you around 60 hours of video footage, which is decent for this price range.

Most of the subscription doorbells only provide footage stored on the website for a limited number of days.

Eufy’s Video Quality

Eufy records with a 2K resolution (2560×1920) which gives crisper videos than other models at the same price point. The video we captured is sharp, vivid and runs along great detail.

A 950 kbps bitrate is not perfect, but the better quality the video is, the more disk space it will require. This means you will have more room for taking videos before the memory card fills up.

The Eufy Cam records at 11 frames per second, which results in relatively fluid and snappy videos.

Eufy’s Night Time Recordings

The night-time video recordings taken with our Eufy camera were very good. Subjects could always been seen clearly and the lighting was bright enough to see each element in the frame. Eufy might be a great fit for you if your front yard doesn’t have enough lighting and the motion detection & night vision could help keep your home safe.

Eufy’s Motion Detection

One of its most impressive features is its human detection feature. The facial recognition on the camera relies on image data from the device to verify that it is not just a pixelated animal or object in front of the lens. This helps to prevent notifications when there have been no changes in your environment.

But, if you don’t want to keep it on, you can always switch the feature off in the settings.

Skybell HD Video Doorbell

Skybell HD is the best cloud-based subscription free video doorbell. It uses WiFi to connect to your home network and sends notifications to your smartphone when someone rings the bell or triggers motion detection.

It also has a built-in microphone and speaker so you can use it as a two-way communication device. You can talk to people at your door from anywhere in the world, even if you are not at home.

Skybell HD Video Doorbell (
Skybell HD Video Doorbell (

Skybell HD storage is unbeatable with its free cloud storage & instant access to the footage it records. The footage can be accessed anywhere & anytime. It has modern features such as two-way audio and night vision.

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One of the most convenient features of your doorbell camera is that you can review and download any footage from your phone.

Skybell’s Viewing Experience

The new Skybell HD allows you to see anyone who comes to your door, in full HD quality. Traditional cameras with a fisheye lens only capture portions of the scene before them, but with 180-degrees view, it’s easier than ever to keep an eye on all that is happening in front of the door.

Skybell’s Video Quality

Among the set of video doorbells tested, SkyBell HD had one of the best videos when it comes to quality.

The 8-megapixel 1080p HD camera on Skybell records videos that are much better than the ones recorded by other comparable devices out there. This is also made possible because of the 5x zoom feature that lets you set up different framing options and add more details to your profile.

Skybell’s Motion Detection Technology

During the test, we found that the motion detection only started a second after a person enters the frame from a distance but immediately when they enter from close distance. Perhaps it could be improved?

Some people might think this is a turn off, but they don’t understand that you still get a lot of footage before anyone gets close to the door.

Hikvision DS-HD1 Video Doorbell

The Hikvision DS-HD1 is a doorbell that has been designed to provide the best in video quality and privacy. The camera is capable of recording in 1080p HD with a 140 degree field of view. This doorbell also provides an alert system that can send you notifications on your phone or tablet when someone is at the door.

For those looking for a doorbell that offers privacy, this device will be perfect for you. The Hikvision DS-HD1 doorbell will not share any of your information with anyone outside of your home, as it does not require any subscription plan and its footage cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Hikvision DS-HD1 (
Hikvision DS-HD1 (

it had received really positive reviews. It even comes with a 3-year warranty so there’s not a lot to feel worried about. Although slightly pricier, the Hikvision doorbell is solid & has impressed users on all counts.

If you are looking for an attractive design to update your front door without spending a lot of time, the Hikvision Doorbell allows you to change it up and choose black & grey faceplates instead of just black & white.

Hikvision’s Storage Options

The Hikvision records footage locally and doesn’t store the information in the cloud. This means you won’t have to worry about someone else accessing your video feed.

Hikvision Doorbell integrates well with most NVRs to form part of your security system. This will allow you to have an easier time monitoring & surveilling your establishments. You can also record the videos directly to the NVR’s hard drive if needed.

Hikvision’s Field of View

The Hikvision camera has a fish-eyed lens that covers 180 degrees. This means that not only anything moving in your front yard is detected and recorded but also any other attempts to infiltrate or break into it.

They have a wide vertical field of view, which means you can see the entire ceiling and significant parts of the floor.

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Hikvision’s Video Quality

Hikvision doorbells can record in high-definition with 2048×1536 resolution. The videos are 30 fps, which enables well-lit videos even in lowlight conditions. Faces were clear and the videos were fluid.

Hikvision’s Motion Detection

The Hikvision doorbell detects motion almost instantly, notifying you of an individual appearing on the frame almost immediately after. This is a common pain point companies are trying to resolve with other video doorbells.

The motion detection on this video doorbell starts before the person reaches the front door, so you will have time to answer it. You can also customize the motion detection area to prevent any unnecessary camera triggers by either animals or cars.

Morecam Wireless Video Doorbell Camera

Moscam Wireless Video Doorbell Camera is a new product that has been released in the market. It is a wireless doorbell camera with HD video recording and infrared night vision.

Morecam Wireless Video Doorbell Camera has been designed to provide excellent monitoring of your home or office. You can use it in your living room, kitchen, garage, or any other area of your home or office. It is compatible with all types of doorbells and features a 2-way audio function and motion detection.

Morecam Video Doorbell (
Morecam Video Doorbell (

Not only is Morecam video doorbell system’s full HD 1080p impressive, but it is also a steal at only $99! It offers solid night vision, two-way audio and has IP65 waterproofing. Additionally, it comes with a 32GB SD card which makes the set more versatile.

With the option of upgrading to a 128GB, SD card, this is just one of the many perks that makes the company you’re looking at likeable.

This is one of the cheapest wireless doorbell cameras on Amazon today, and has been very popular with customers thanks to its high star rating in its reviews. The camera’s wide range of features also makes it a standout from the others.

The company has found a way to reduce the amount of false alarms. The motion sensor will only detect humans, instead of animals and other objects/parts of the room.

The detection range for the Morecam sensitivity is by default set at 10 meters. We found this to be a good number, as it would not easily be triggered but also didn’t miss any alerts.

With night vision, you can see up to 32 feet away which is perfect for when you’re taking the trash out at night.

The battery can last between 60-120 days on a full charge. You’ll be alerted once the battery runs out with a notification from your controller app.

You can also connect the app to an existing wired doorbell system, and it also offers 2-way audio.

Morecam offers a subscription service, which is convenient and ideal for those who want to make use of this feature consistently. The camera’s basic features are available even if you don’t subscribe, though.

One downside is that it does not support Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, but this might be reflected in the price.

Morecam is a decent option if you are on a budget. If you are not already on the self-security revolution, this is highly recommended!

Can You Use Ring Doorbell Without Paying For Subscription?

The Ring doorbell requires a subscription for full access. If you have one, you’ll be able to view live video footage from the device, and receive notifications of motion or someone at your door

There are no videos that you can record or watch after the event has finished. You won’t get as many notifications as you would get with a Ring doorbell and you will lose the option for smart notifications.

Which Video Doorbell Is Best For A No-Subscription Option?

Ultimately, we chose the Eufy 2K as the best doorbell because it has a lot of features, performs well and has an excellent reputation, as well as a solid company with quality products. It’s available with multiple installation options and also has a local storage option if you’re on the move. It also offers extensive smart motion sensing features and alerts, so you can monitor your home from anywhere.