Furniture in The Raw

Shopping at Furniture in The Raw Texas

Furniture in The Raw is the furniture shop which you can get everything for your household, which are made of wood. This store is indeed specialized in the furniture made of wood to sell. There are many house furniture which are made of woods. Some categories such as beds, cabinet beds, murphy beds, wood bookcases, dining tables, dining chairs, bunk beds, entertainment centers, and so on. Those items are made of full with wood.

Furniture in The Raw

With all furniture sold are made from wood, Furniture in The Raw offered creative design to the house concept. Wood material are indeed suitable for any concept, from vintage, mid century house, and even the modern house. Simply choose the furniture which available in various shape and pattern. In example, in case you want to fill your modern house with warmth and trendy look, then install the white bed. Even though all furniture available are made of wood, but it designed with modern technique like folding or Murphy bed. It will be fit to your modern house concept, since it is very easy to fold and release. It will give you extra space to the room, and still keep the function of the bed.

The Furniture in The Raw is available in Texas with three stores: Austin Showroom, Babcock Road Showroom, and San Pedro Avenue-Warehouse Outlet. Come and visit them in person and you will see there are many options of the furniture which will suit best to your house concept.  Before visiting them, you can also look at their website, which will provide you the information about furniture you needed. You can chat them for asking certain questions or the availability of the product you wanted. All the products, reviews and testimonials from the customer can also be reviewed from the website. Simply sign up as customer and log in there, and you can access all you want.

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