platform bed with storage

Platform Bed with Storage Design Options

Having a comfortable, soft, and neat bed is everyone’s dream. But not everyone can make it happen because the room is quite narrow. Therefore some people use a small bed in a room that is not too large. The goal is not to eat too much space in the room. So many are using the empty space under or beside the bed for a place to store things.The platform bed with storage which has several drawers underneath so you can keep valuables there. This of course can save space in the room because you can reduce the number of cabinets in the room.

platform bed with storage

The room beside the bed turned out to be used to store the goods as well. Platform bed with storagein the sides is one example of the design of a bed that has a storage place next to it. With materials made of wood, the bed looks very elegant and strong so it is very comfortable to look at. But with the storage, of course the bed becomes narrower. So the bed is only enough for one person only.The bed was glimpsed like a seat because of its unique shape. Though it is a bed with a minimalist design that has a drawer underneath to store important items. If usually the room under the bed is empty, but now the room is filled by a drawer that can be used to store shoes, sandals, or any small objects you call. The bright and bright colors add to the elegant impression on the bed.

The platform bed with storage which has a drawer that can be used to store a variety of equipment such as your favorite doll or toy. Usually such beds are favored by children who have a variety of toys in the room. With the drawer, then they can store the toys in it so that their goods are not scattered on the floor.

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