Collov Coffee Table [Source : unsplash]

Choosing The Right Coffee Table To Decorate Your Living Room

The coffee table is one of those pieces of furniture that tend to be forgotten – or at least fall a little down on the “ranking” of essential furniture in the home. Often it is the larger and more distinctive furniture that runs with the attention, and many of us have been invited home for coffee or a glass of wine to inspect good friends’ new dining table or sofa. But how often have you been to the “inauguration” of a coffee table?

But in many living rooms, the coffee table may be just the piece that makes the puzzle go up. This is where we place the coffee cup, wine glass and bowl of nuts, and it is also the coffee table that ensures that the candy bowl has a place to live when otherwise it does not go around between family members.

And then it’s on the coffee table that we lay the newspaper, place the flower vase and lay the remote controls. The coffee table is thus both the cozy and the practical anchor in the living room.

The coffee table is also the piece of furniture where you can play or be more distinctive in your style. The sofa is often chosen in a neutral color and in a functional arrangement, where with the coffee table you can choose a more daring color, tiles or organic shapes to soften the overall impression.

Francesca Tosolini Coffee Table [Source : unsplash]
Francesca Tosolini Coffee Table [Source : unsplash]
Consider the size of your coffee table

The many features are the strength of the coffee table, but at the same time it is also a potential weakness. If you do not think about the table’s primary function in everyday life, you risk buying a table that simply does not fit in the size.

If you basically view your coffee table as an aesthetic piece of furniture, which must first and foremost be neat, you may want to choose a relatively small and elegant table. But if you basically dream that the coffee table should be the table that family and friends gather for afternoon coffee, it will be a shame to have chosen a table where there is not enough space.

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And so anyway – sometimes you can be lucky to get in both bag and sack, because there are coffee table sets where you can combine several tables in different sizes. Here you get a wide range of options – among other things, you can place the tables either separately and thus have two coffee table environments in the living room, or you can place them in extension of each other. When you do not need both tables, you can in many cases – at least if you choose a deposit table – “store” the small table under the large one, and alternatively you can of course store the small table in another room. And maybe even use it in another function such as bedside table.

The height of your coffee table is important

The immediate characteristic of a coffee table will typically be that it is low, and this will typically be the case as well. However, if you now and then want to use the table to eat at, you should consider acquiring a table that is taller than the 40 centimeters that many consider the standard height. Fortunately, it is very often possible to choose – one bid could be the Katrine series from the Danish company Thomsen Furniture – formerly A.C.O. Here there are many choices in terms of materials, shapes, table legs and height.

When choosing the height of the coffee table, remember to compare the measurements with the height of your sofa. It matters to what it looks like, but it also matters to what it’s like to use the table when sitting on the couch. Mother changes, and at times it is popular with very low tables, while at other times it is more normal to see tables that are 5 to 10 inches taller than the sofa. What you choose is, of course, up to you – the most important thing is that you make your choice with open eyes. And keep in mind that in many cases you can raise or lower your favorite table by choosing shorter or longer legs.

Go into detail and complete your living room decor!

Sven Brandsma Coffee Table [Source : unsplash]
Sven Brandsma Coffee Table [Source : unsplash]
Table tops in many varieties

As with dining tables, you can choose from table tops in many different materials. Coffee tables are available with boards in oak, beech, laminate, walnut, marble, glass (possibly smoky) or with planks. If you are into herringbone, you also have the option of it.

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The different materials give very different expressions and they need to be maintained in different ways. And to again draw a parallel to dining tables, the main rule is that countertops in an untreated material are less resistant. Then again, you need to think through the practical angle at which the coffee table should work. but slightly vulnerable board, or whether the functional considerations should weigh heavier.

Collov Coffee Table [Source : unsplash]
Collov Coffee Table [Source : unsplash]
Square, round or something third – what do you prefer?

If you close your eyes and are asked to think of a coffee table, you will probably form an inner image of a table that is either square or round. But in reality, your new coffee table may soon have said whatever shape you can imagine.

You can get coffee tables that are elliptical, triangular, round, oval, boat-shaped or organically shaped, so these are not options you are missing. Your challenge will usually be the opposite; namely to cut the varieties that do not fit into your living room and your other decor.

Here you can basically choose two directions: You can choose a coffee table that supports the style you already have, or you can choose a table that breaks the style and creates a contrast. For example, if you have a living room that is characterized by heavy, traditional furniture, a light and modern coffee table can create a contrast that gives the living room dynamics. But if the contrast becomes too great, you get a living room that “breaks”, and you will probably get tired of it over time.

At Møblér, our employees are trained to give you advice on the choice of materials and the connection between your current furniture and the ones you dream of buying. So feel free to take pictures of your living room and take them down to the store – then you can together consider what suits your home.

By the way, keep in mind the very small details when choosing the right shape: If your coffee table is to stand in a place where there is a lot of “traffic” around it, a round table can be practical; Round tables are easier to get around, and it’s never nice to hit a sharp corner. Conversely, a rectangular or square table can fit perfectly into the style, in which case it is the right choice. It is entirely up to you and your decor.

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Coffee table with storage

If you are the type of person who tends to mess around a bit – or if you are the exact opposite type – a coffee table with a built-in storage option may be an obvious choice. Whether it is a shelf under the table top or a drawer is your choice, and you have a lot to choose from.

You can, for example, choose the coffee table AH16, a classic designed by the Danish carpenter Andreas Hansen. AH16 is an exclusive and modern coffee table in a beautiful Nordic design. The table is available in several types of wood, including oil-treated oak. Under the table top you will find a storage solution cut in one piece of wood, and here you can put the little things that otherwise have a way of finding their way to the other surfaces in the living room.

Many opportunities to design your own table

We have already mentioned the Katrine series from Thomsen Furniture, but the furniture manufacturer from Djursland deserves an extra portion of attention. For some of the things that – in addition to high quality – characterize the Katrine coffee tables, are the many options for designing the table you want.

You can turn on a wide range of parameters such as size, shape, materials, colors and legs, and thus it is only the imagination that sets the limits.

Many Danish designs

In addition to Thomsen Furniture and Andreas Hansen, you will find a large number of Danish designs in Møbler’s selection of coffee tables.

Among other things, we sell coffee tables from Skovby and Fumac in West Jutland, and we have our own series of U-designs. The various manufacturers and designs are characterized by the expression being Scandinavian and modern, and a lot of time has been put into combining materials, form and function – completely in line with the proud Scandinavian furniture traditions.

Think 360 degrees when choosing a coffee table

When choosing your new coffee table, there are a number of aspects to consider.

What style should my new coffee table be in?
What materials should it consist of?
How big should it be – and how high?
What shape should it have?
Should I choose a simple coffee table or a coffee table set?
Should my coffee table also have storage space?

So it’s about more than just a surface to put cups on – the expression, the shape and not least the function in everyday life play a decisive role in which table you choose. Fortunately, you can choose from so many different varieties that there should be a table that lives up to exactly your needs.

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