Boho Bedroom Decor By Spacejoy [unsplash]

Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas on a Budget That Won’t Break the Bank

The Bohemian style is typically characterized by the use of soft, flowing lines with geometric patterns. It is typically bold yet still feminine.

What is a Bohemian Style?

Bohemian design is a design theme that originated in Europe in the early 1900s. A bohemian / boho styled bedroom is an excellent way to make your bedroom feel as welcoming as possible.

There are many misconceptions about bohemian style. This is because it’s always been a misunderstood style. It’s actually based on the gypsy culture which is why it’s also called gypsy style.

Bohemian style is based on the free-spirited lifestyle of Eastern European Gypsies who live nomadically and freely, without any rules or restrictions. This means that it can be hard to define what exactly bohemian style is because there are so many different interpretations of the meaning behind the word ‘bohemian’.

However, Bohemian style is usually characterized by textiles, loose-fitting robes, and a carefree attitude. Bohemian furniture is typically comprised of rattan, wood, and metal. This type of furniture is known for its durability, natural materials, and functionality. Bohemian furniture can also come in a variety of colors to match any color scheme or style of room that you are trying to create.

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How to Achieve a Bohemian Look on a Budget?

When you think of bohemian style, the first thing that might come to mind is an overly-fussy, expensive room. But it doesn’t have to be!

Bohemian décor moves away from strict symmetry and traditional design. It can incorporate collections of unusual objects, rich colors, patterns inspired by tribal art and flea market finds or handmade textiles. The goal is often to create a sense of playfulness and freedom.

Bohemian style is often associated with nature-inspired motifs like flowers, leaves or vines which are often incorporated into the furnishings and wall décor. For instance, yards of fabric draped over a sofa can transform an otherwise ordinary room into something new and exciting.

How to Stage a Boho Chic Room on a Budget?

The first thing you need is a bedspread. If you’re looking for something that matches the bohemian vibe, then floral patterns are a good option. Not all floral patterns will work, though, so it’s best to look around before making your decision. You’ll also need pillows and cushions for your bed so you can lay on them and read or watch TV. You could also use them as decoration later on by placing them on shelves or windowsills for more of the bohemian look and feel of your room. Finally, it’s always important to have some candles lit in order to create that “cozy feel”.

Bohemian Bedroom Décor Tips for the Budget Conscious Homeowner

Bedrooms are one of the most personal spaces in our homes. The bedroom is where we get to completely relax and unwind, letting go of the stress of our day. It is also an integral part of our homes which gives off a certain vibe about ourselves to visitors.

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The Bohemian style of décor is all about being creative with what you have. With a little imagination, you can turn your bedroom into a laid-back, bohemian oasis for an affordable price. It’s not necessary to spend tons of money on new furniture in order to make the room feel like home.

Here are some ideas for adding bohemian flair in your bedroom with items you may already have or relatively cheap things to buy at the store.

Choose a light-colored bedding set

Light colors are best for this style to keep the room light and airy. Lighter color schemes, especially those that use white, create a feeling of cleanliness and space.

Use pillows in bright colors

If you want to add pops of color to your room, the easiest way to do so is with pillows. You can change up the look of your room by switching out a few pillows in different colors. You can collect them from second-hand stores or use stuffs you already have at home that won’t get ruined if they get dirty or stained.

Add bright colors around the windows

Windows are one of the most important features in a room. Including rich colors around the window can make it more vibrant. One way to do this is with paint. Paint the window frame, sill, and sometimes the inside of the window with a color that complements your room.

Use white curtains for an extra touch of femininity

Creating a feminine and romantic feel to your bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive. Adding white curtains to the window creates an additional layer of privacy, while still allowing natural light into the room. Curtains also help create a sense of spaciousness, which can be important in creating a cozy small bedroom.

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Extra Tips for Accenting a Boho-Chic Bedroom on a Budget

If one isn’t keen to spend a lot of money on their bedroom, then they should be creative and use different textures rather than go for more extravagant pieces.

Boho-chic bedrooms are synonymous with the idea of using rugs, throws, wall hangings or other textured items. They can create a feeling of warmth and comfort in your bedroom without breaking the bank.

How to Celebrate Spring with Bohemian Inspiration for Your Home

Home decorating doesn’t need to be tedious and time consuming. It can also be fun and creative. Here are some boho chic ideas for bringing the outdoors in and creating a comfortable living space for your family this spring.

A fresh palette is always a good way to start, so use the colors that are found outside in nature: yellow, green and blue. Lacking inspiration? Check out our site for ideas and tips that will inspire you to create your own Spring-style home decorating project!

Boho Bedroom Decor By Zane Persaud [unsplash]
Boho Bedroom Decor By Zane Persaud [unsplash]


It doesn’t take much to create your own unique and cozy Bohemian space in your home. You can easily achieve this by playing with different textures in your room, adding plants, and incorporating different colors throughout the space.

However, it’s important to note that when creating a Bohemian room, it’s crucial that you maintain a balance of textures and colors. This will help provide an overall cohesive look to the space.

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